Friday, February 11, 2011

Keep On Truckin' Momma

One Day in the books guys!! Yesterday my calories ended at 1681 and my heart rate monitor displayed a 400 calories burn. I did some pilates core along with a 35min step aerobics dvd.

ChaLean is in transit to be delivered - should get it today or tomorrow and i will start it soon there after. I'm still excited to start something new. I kinda hinted around to DH that i wanted an elliptical, we looked at some the other day and he told me i could get one.( Holy Crap!!!)  But since I don't have a job and its with our tax refund im going to wait a while. (and its REALLY hard for me to do that,lol) but i have to be sensible here.

I also filled out three more job applications online, still not one call back! Stupid bad economy. I have NEVER had such a hard time finding a job in my life! I'm getting ready to send out another batch of resumes, 40 to be exact!  I won't stop until I find a job......

Have a great day + weekend!


  1. hang in there lady, you will find a job soon enough. just dont give up! you rock and you will do anything you put your mind to (i say 'will' instead of 'can' because of course you CAN do it but I know you actually WILL ;) ). YOU ROCK!!!! Any specific elliptical you have in mind?

  2. Good luck with finding a job. I'm wanting a glider but will have to wait for it too. :)

  3. Thanks Melissa-I've got my eye on one at walmart - Golds Gym

    Karen-oh...i would love to have a glider too. One day...maybe.


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