Sunday, February 27, 2011

Im'ma Baking Now!

 So guys...after being at work for about two weeks, i can honestly say that im a baker now. These were my lastest adventure. Apple & Cinnomin Creme Cakes! The process is fairly simple, you just go by a recipe, mix everything in the biggest-mixer-I'd-ever-seen and bake them in the biggest-oven-I'd-ever-seen. I had to make 19 of these little devils. After they cooled, I had to drizzle on this frosting type of stuff  and the aroma in the bakery after they baked was a apple and spice heaven. 
I was SLAMMED last night, just so busy with customers, baking and the closing procedures. I was moving as fast as possible and barely got out of there on time :/ ...really don't like nights like that....

So as you can see from my last weigh in, I'm down exactly one pound from last week :D. It feels good to have some sort of control over what im eating, and honestly, im so busy I don't have time to obsess over food. My job is a true blessing right now :) Extra money plus more weight loss...that my friends equal a Happy MissPriss ;-)

Today is a rest day, no workouts. My body is begging for one.


  1. When I worked in a bakery I always wondered if smelling donut and cake fumes caused weight loss to slow down. LOL I'm not up to the temptation of walking by donuts every day. I admire your discipline. :)

  2. WOOHOO!!! You are doing great! Your new job really does sound perfect, lady! Keep up the hard work. :)


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