Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Too Nice!

My friend called a few minutes ago and i shouldn't have answered the phone. You guys remember the friend I'm refering too...the one that hurt my feelings the other day. Well...she hurt my feelings again. I'm not going to answer the phone anymore when she calls.

We were talking about different things then she asked how I liked my job. Then she said a friend of hers works at a bakery in another city for the same company and makes more $ than me. I pretended like that didn't bother me but did ask how long the friend had been there..over 10yrs she said. Well...there you go, of course she makes more $? DUH. Then she asked what I would be doing today, I told her making cupcakes and some pound cake...she then made the comment "well that doesn't sound hard" and she said it with a tone. You know...kinda snarky.  I let her go right after that...told her i was busy and couldn't talk. I hope she got the clue...because I'm so done with talking to her.

I'm having a great day so far and I'm not going to let bad attitude bother me....


  1. I think you shouldn't even waste another thought on this person. She sounds bitter and angry and probably jealous. Shrug her off and have a wonderful day in spite of her.

  2. Good for you Amelia! Best to keep people that don't make you happy out of your life. You don't have to tell them you aren't going to talk to them just don't! She will get the hint.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. this chick needs to GO!!! wtf is her problem?! she is just jealous because you have a great job that is FUN, and most importantly you like it. let her hate!


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