Monday, February 21, 2011


It was my first night closing the bakery by myself and WOW is all i can say!!!  It was ENDLESS running around.  Time flew by and before I knew it, it was time for me to start closing and I wasn't done with my work. I definitely have to work on speeding up, sigh. Im so tired. When i got home i had to clean up a little here...thank goodness my wonderful hubby is home tonight or i would be DEAD tired. He had the kids bathed and ready for bed :)
Today is the second week of Chalean. This morning was burn circuit 1. Had a good workout and was able to do all the push ups on my toes. Only burned 200 calories though...oh well. My total calories in for today was 1585.

Ok. just checking in. Oh...Today my manager showed me how to make parfaits. I made chocolate and lemon ones :)  I keep forgetting to take pictures for my blog...

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  1. Working in a bakery or deli is difficult and tiring work. I worked in grocery bakery/deli one time and it was a nightmare to close. So much of a mess to clean up from the day. Just the steam table pans were horrible to clean every night. I DO NOT miss those days. :)


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