Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hammer away

I hate coming on here and whining about my bad days but im having one....and I'm here.

I went to bed with a scratchy throat last night and woke up to a full blown cold :( .  I feel awful and my eating has been off too.  I'm really beating myself up over it, which isn't helping anything. Its 1:10 in the afternoon and I've already had 2300 calories :( . No workout today either.

sigh, really sucks

anyways....i will just try and drink a lot of water and forget about it. All I'm thinking about now is the weigh in on Sunday morning. Honestly, i just want to take a hammer to the scale and be free from it. Why not buy a smaller pair of jeans and just go buy that? After all, that's what I'm aiming for...a smaller pants size.

  If I do decide to hammer my scale to death, I will video tape it for you guys ;-)


  1. Amelia,
    Hang in there. I'm sorry you are sick and I hope you feel better soon. You know though that eating isn't going to make you feel better, only worse. Try to remember that they next time you reach for something unhealthy. It is harder for us folks who are close to goal. The weight comes off slower and it is frustrating. That is why we have to be more careful when counting and logging. Take care of yourself and hang in there.

  2. I don't want you going nuts, but a video of you taking a hammer to your scale would crack me up.

    Feel better. Colds stink.

  3. Roxie-I envision myself all the time hammering that evil thing. Maybe I will feel better in a few days and have the courage to do it.

    Karen-I'm already feeling the garbage that i ate earlier(Wendy's fast food meal) and its hurting my stomach. Just thinking about all that grease and processed crap in my body is making me physically ill. I honestly don't know why I sabotage myself like that? Supper will be something light and I'm still guzzling water. thanks and hugs


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