Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good Day Yesterday :)

Today's Weight was 171.2 :D  ~*~Happy Dancing~*~

Guys, this is no lie....So I noticed one of my new favorite shows was recorded last night " Off The Map" (anybody watch this?) and I had the urge to munch while watching it. Without thinking,  I went into the kitchen to make me a cupcake/icecream sundae and after placing the bowl on  the counter something snapped! I stopped everything I was doing, put the icecream BACK in the fridge and took my butt to bed! I was SO PROUD this morning :) , so I HAD to peek at the payed off.

My workout for the day is the dreaded burn intervals + abb burner. This workout is no joke, it works you good with an elevated heart rate the entire 45mins. I have a love/hate relationship with this one.  Abb burner is ok, I think I will substitute power hour abbs by Cathe Friedrich instead. (may do it first ;-)

My second attempt at closing the bakery last night went very well. I got out of there right at closing and all my chores was done. I talked to the manger about my Monday night experience. I explained how I was  overwhelmed with anxiety and just nervous. She told me to take it easy, she understands if I can't get to everything -as long as i try my best, that's all she wants :) . I found out that on her lunch breaks she goes to the gym across the street to workout,...i was SO EXCITED to hear about that. Another fitness freak in my I also found out that she's my age.

ok...have a good day :)

UPDATE: Just finished Cathe's Power hour abbs + CLX burn intervals. Burned 376 calories all together. Now off to get some cleaning done before work..tomorrow is a rest day AND im off work...wooohooo! Think i will finish painting the kitchen;-)

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