Monday, February 14, 2011

Flowers, Food and Fun!

  Happy Valentine's Day!  

I wanted to pop in here and share some pics. I forgot to mention the flowers this morning while reporting my workout, my hubby surprised me with them when I woke up...they were on the kitchen table. I was very surprised since we decided long ago to not spend money on valentines day... 

The sandwich  was my supper, a Cajun style shrimp sandwich with some baked sliced potatoes. was GOOD! and the whole meal was about 400 calories....

Awwww, I saved the best for last. My new purse!! I spotted it about 12 feet away and was lured in. I toted it around with me in the store for a while because it was more than i was willing to spend on a purse. But dang...i just had to have it with all its 'aweness'. DH saw the look in my eye and just rolled his eyes,lol. He didn't mind since it has been about two years since I've bought me a new, i just LOVE IT. The name isn't familiar to me but then not really good with brand names. (Kathy Van Zeeland)...

I also have some good news. I may have a job tomorrow...not sure yet. Remember the cake decorator post? Well i was walking around the same store picking up a few items when the manager comes out and ask me if im still interested in the job? She then ask me to come in tomorrow to 'fill out paper work', the the most smartest women in the world but it sounds to me like i might have myself a job?  I will keep you informed. 

But....I gotta...when I came home i did a little happy dance in my kitchen along with my husband,LOL.

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  1. Shrimp in a sandwich? Never really thought of that combination. Sounds interesting! Cheers, Rick


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