Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CLX Update

Today was burn circuit 2 and it was a pretty good workout. Burned 250 calories in about 38minutes. Todays circuit was focused on the triceps and the back muscle's in combination with lower body. I really didn't like the bowlers lunge/ one arm row combination because it hurt like hell! I barely got through 12 reps of that one. 

I logged onto the other day and printed out the workout sheets. They keep up with the weights you used and the # of reps for each exercise over the course of the entire series...pretty handy. Now I can see my progress as I lift heavier. The only problem is i keep sweating on them...LOL

Tomorrow's workout is burn interval + abb burner. Looking forward to this one...i haven't previewed it yet but I hear its intense.

My eating has been good. Been following myfitnesspal's recommendations. I don't always eat all my exercise calories...but i figure if I need them, they're there.  I usually stay around 1500-1600 a day, should see a loss Sunday morning.

Have a good night! =)

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