Monday, February 14, 2011

CLX - Day One

Finished the first workout and I gotta was intense but i could have went heavier on some of the workouts. The chest fly is one that comes to mind, i used 12's so next time will be 15's. Sumo squats will be 20's next time  since i didn't really feel the 15's. (wish they made 17's?). Bench press will be higher too....i used 15's.  Maybe i will put on my 1lb boxing gloves for those workouts..that will be an slight increase. 

Very pleased with myself on the compound- chest fly's/ abdominal leg raises. I was able to go all the way down to the floor with my that tells me that my abbs are pretty darn strong.

After i was done i looked at my HRM to see a 220 calorie burn for 36minutes. Not too bad...but I'm use to working out a little bit longer so im going to take advantage of the pretty Ga weather today and walk my Cassie Girl (who is sporting a brand new collar btw- its pink and black and says princess on it. so cute)

I really enjoyed Chalene's personality...she's very encouraging and I loved her positive, upbeat attitude!  Can't wait until tomorrows workout :-)

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