Sunday, February 20, 2011

ChaLean Week One Review

So..... as i sit here with my heavy eyelids and my lower body soreness, i realize that i got my @ss handed to me this week with ChaLean. I came into this series with the "I'm an advanced exerciser" attitude and I found out REAL quick that it doesn't make a damn what level your at. If YOU make the workouts intense for will kick your butt. You just have to know how to push yourself HARD, thats all....
Her workouts are short, but intense. The two cardio workouts are basically plyometric moves so your heart rate is up the entire time.  Your bound to lose weight if you keep track of your food.

I was down from last weeks weigh in. I ate over my calories  three days this week, eating into my exercise calories. And for the most part i wasn't even hungry, just bored or ready to strangle my kids or dogs or something but it looks like it didn't make a difference.  I did start my new job this week and its very physical, (legs and back aching by the end of the night) so maybe that had something to do with it?
Ahhhh, who cares how it happened :)

The hardest time is after work at night. I want to sit in front of the TV and munch, thats how those 2000 calorie days evolved. For some reason, in my warped mind, i think that's a treat for me since i just finished a hard day at work. Old habits SUCK!
I will make a hot bath tonight and see if those late night munchie cravings go away....

My calories this week.
Mon 2/14- 1542  (burned 220)
Tues- 2/15-1570  ( burned 408)
Wed-2/16- 1960 ( burned 220)
Thur-2/17- 1979 ( burned 604)

Fri-2/18-2030 ( burned 420)
Sat 2/19-1726 (burned 330)

I didn't feel like working out yesterday but I managed to get it in. Actually, I dragged my ass in front of the tv to get it in. I know me and once I get those clothes on and start the workout, i feel better.

Next week i will take two days of rest instead of the one(did a step aerobics workout on my rest day) ChaLean's rotation calls for two cardio days and three weight days. I think I need more than two cardio's a week so  I will just do an extra cardio after a burn body needs two rest days for sure with this job. mumbling now...laaawwwdeeeedaaaaa.

ON THE WORK FRONT...Tonight is the last night I will be 'In Training', tomorrow I will close the bakery BY MY SELF. scared sh*tless and Yep...i think i can do it!
OH...i wrote on a cake yesterday and I felt like a million bucks when i showed to the customer and they like it. It was just a "Happy Birthday" writing but I was proud to do it by myself :) I also frosted 24 cupcakes and that's was fun too. The girl that's training me is really nice and cool thankful for that.

later gators...

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