Sunday, February 13, 2011


....the way you move on the floor. 

Sorry, that song is stuck in my head this morning :/

So last night was good. I did go over my calories about 200 or so but it could have been a lot worse. I was by myself watching Vampire Diaries and i wanted to munch. Anybody else watch that show? Some nice looking fella's on there;-) I think my favorite character on there is Caroline. At first she got on my nerves, but now I really like her now. Becoming a vampire really matured her..... Anyways, I weighed out some baked cheeto's (LOVE) and then had a sweet freedom bar. I pulled the brakes then...****pats herself on the back***

TOMORROW'S THE BIG DAY! CLX Day 1 Starting!!! "Its time to get extreme, baby." Lol, that's what she says on the workouts. I love it! The good news is the weights are primaly what i use now...just at a slower count, so the results should be interesting. I talked to my Beachbody Coach and she agreed that 1400 was to low for my weight. So im going to fluctuate my cals and not go over my exercise cals. Lets just hope my hear rate monitor shows more higher calorie burns....lately its been SUCKING! DH suggested that i was getting more fit and thats why the #'s are so low....Mmm, I. Think. Not!

anywhoo....gonna go out to supper with the family tonight and I've already logged all my calories. I will come back and update when i get my workout in. Today will be Step Moves by Cathe. LOVE THIS ONE! I will also walk the dog for thirty minutes.... I have a feeling i will need the extra exercise calories for supper tonight.

UPDATE: Just finished my workouts. First i walked the dog for 30mins, the kids were with me so i couldn't really walk at my normal pace, burned 100 calories. Then instead of working out in the living room i decided to hop on the treadmill. Did a 43min interval run for 3.1 miles burned 395 calories. So that's 495 total calories for the day.

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  1. yes yes yes, love vampire diaries :) i haven't been able to pick out a favorite character yet, i guess one of the vamp brothers bc they are soo cute.
    reptogirl from 3fc


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