Friday, January 07, 2011

Wow, what happened?

Last night I gave into some urges. Not sure why....and im trying to figure it out?

The kids went to bed around 9 and i can remember kinda rushing them to bed because i knew i was going to eat a little something. I had this overwhelming urge to eat. It always starts off with a little something but ends quite differently.

I had no calories left but that didn't stop me. I figured a hundred calories of something wouldn't hurt so i ate...but then i couldn't stop, i went back and forth from the kitchen to the living room about 4 times before i stopped myself and said "That's Enough Amy"! I even did a  'stomach check', a trick I learned over the years! You basically ask yourself if your really hungry or are you just trying to satisfy another feeling, and then you try to figure out that feeling. Last night I wasn't hungry but i didn't stop and analyze, i just went straight to the kitchen... basically giving up.

Sigh, I'm not going to punish myself today for it by reducing my calories, i do have a good workout planned today but nothing crazy.  I'm just kinda frustrated with myself....kinda hard not to be. This week has been the greatest week eating wise since I don't know when? That's how long it has been since ive been able to stick to a diet....i can't even remember? There is an underlying issue here that i haven't dealt with yet...need to figure it out.

But on the bright side my mind and will are still strong this morning and i have no intention of stopping the calorie train from dropping off extra weight. I'm gonna keep going, maybe i will still have a loss this week and if not, i know why.

Thursday 1/6/11 updated
Calories In- 2,559
Calories Out-no workout yesterday

Thanks for listening =)


  1. Can you figure out today why you had those urges last night? Keep on trucking lady.

  2. I'm still wondering about it Roxie...i will post my calories and workout later on tonight and hopefully by then i will have figured it out. And thanks for the encouragement girl...

  3. It happens to the best of us...we all have weirdo things happen like that, that we can't seem to explain or put a finger on. Overall, you're doing fantastic! Just keep moving forward. :)

    I finally got my website up this morning but the email isn't working on the contact page. Waiting on the girl that designed my website to fix it...haven't heard back from her yet. Thought you still might like to check it out though:
    Spread the word if you know anyone in/around the Marietta area that could use my services...and thank you! :)

  4. Thanks Tammy, i will definitely spread the word and good luck to you! impressed with your new business. I will go check out your website now!

  5. thanks for spreading the word on FB....friend me on there so I can see it!! Search tammy ortagus

  6. Food addiction maybe? Thats me, hunger is not needed for eating to occur. I could be in a good mood or bad, whatever; just need food just because.


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