Friday, January 28, 2011

Something Clicked

Good Morning!

Yesterday i woke up and was just DONE with all this back-and-forth power struggling. Eating bad, feeling bad, but wanting to eat good & feel good. It's a none stop struggle here lately. So i said" I challenge myself to stick to my calories today!!" (actually spoke to myself) and that was so powerful! Something clicked! I stayed on plan yesterday. Here are my stats:

Calories in-1636
Calories out(my workout) 591

No more worrying about tomorrow and i can't change the past...but i do have control over what I do today.  That is such a powerful thought. I have the control, I'm the captain of my body and what I say goes.


***pats herself on the back****

So with that said, here are a couple of random thoughts that I'm having this morning:

I wonder if those Zumba dvd's are really worth the 59.99 that their selling for?

I bet I could come up with an invention that would help my husband NOT make a mess in the bathroom while he's using his electric shaver.

and since in feeling "inventy" i would also consider inventing a device that would attach to my stubborn-ass-pug/Chihuahua-puppies-butt that would zap him every time he chooses to relieve his self in my living room floor!

There are a little less than 7 weeks until the official first day of Spring...sigh, oh how i *heart* spring!

I really should stop watching 'Amazing Wedding Cakes' since i envision myself tackling the bride and groom for their cake.....then running out the door with it.

I'm getting sick of eggs in the morning, today will be peanut butter for breakfast!  


  1. It DOES have to 'click', doesn't it? No amount of half-hearted effort is going to work in the long run... :o( KEEPING it 'clicked' is the key - something I working on right now!

  2. Come on Patsy, we can do it! Its about 7pm now and im still going strong. Still feeling the 'click' Calories in today were 1533 :)

  3. CLICK! Click today and everyday!!

    As for your husbands shaving mess, he could not shave.

  4. Amelia,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm happy to find your blog and catch up with you. I think I need to have my exercise button clicked today. :)


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