Saturday, January 22, 2011


So, no word on that job yet...guess its just as well. My hubby told me to stop obsessing over not having a job because that's when that call-backs comes.  I'm going to try it. All this obsessing is causing the past to come back in my mind and then i want to eat, not good! Thoughts of " I'm not good enough or i shoulda-woulda-coulda done something better" I have to quit living in the past. Its G~O~N~E!  To elaborate:  I had a lot of jobs in my younger days -good jobs- that i screwed up and thoughts of where i would be - career wise- is maddening me!

deep breath, release..... anyways.....

Eating has been better than last week. I still have to work on my emotional moments.  I have been faithfully logging everything that goes into my mouth for 21 days now. Tomorrow is my bi-weekly weigh in ( not even sure why i started that since i can't seem to keep my ASS off the scale everyday.)

Random thought: Maybe i will start weighing in daily and just record that? Wait, what?

Here are my calories for this week, there are two days im not proud of but i did workout on those two days. (Ha, guess that makes it 'ok' to eat, right? - listen at me with my excuses!) CORRECTION (Thanks Patrick, your comment made me go back and check) I did not workout Monday. =)

Monday-2421 ...boooo
Wednesday-1921...needed to be lower
Saturday- will be- 1600 or less Saturday-1568

It kinda looks like im cycling my calories doesn't it? Well I'm NOT! I'm suppose to be sticking to 1600-1800.  Monday & Yesterday's cals were too high, i admit - there was emotional eating going on those days. But I'm not giving up -do i ever? ;-)


  1. I completely understand about the whole job situation stressing you out. That was me for basically the entire last year. But honestly, its when you don't stress about it that it all manages to fall into place! I know, I hated when people told me that too, but its honestly the truth.

  2. I can relate to how you're feeling. I agonised over a call about the *perfect* job and was distraught when it didn't come. Little did I know something even better was just around the corner!

  3. Hang in there on the job front, takes time even when it seems it ought not to.

    If those are your calorie counts and you are getting in exercise you should be pleased when you record your next weight tomorrow.

    Have a Great Weekend!

  4. You're going to have emotional moments from time-to-time. You just gotta do your best with it. Great job on tracking all your food! Cheers, Rick

  5. Try not to worry about what could have been. Everything happens for a reason. Just hang in there!! You'll be just fine.

    You sound like my sister when it comes to the scale. Except I swear my sister gets on it at least 3 times a day, lol.


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