Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Serious Situation

Wow...its like all I can think about right now is eating chocolate Graham Crackers? WTH?  My kids (including my hubby here) grabbed them yesterday and since we haven't bought them in so long (because I will eat them) I said "ok". UGH. There not that high in calories, 2 'sheets' as there called  is 140 calories. But that's 140 calories OVER my maximum amount. I refuse to give in! DAMN IT!

And why do they call them sheets anyway? In my limited vocabulary  a sheet is something i put over my mattress at night :-P 

Oh - im also hearing the cries of NUTELLA in my cupboard! "come eat me Amy...come on"

My husband is laughing at me right now but this is a very serious situation ;-)



  1. you can do it!!! just say no to the nutella!!! that stuff is pure evil. i cant even keep it in the house; even if i hid all my utensils, that stuff would still be gone in 2 days max.

  2. Oh, nutella is the devil! So good...

  3. Haha, I don't blame you. I know exactly how that feels. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nutella. Especially, hot chocolate made from Nutella it's the best.

    I've recently (well my sister did) discovered something that I eat when I'm craving chocolate or something unhealthy. They are Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds. I'll eat about four or five of them and they seriously satisfy my sweet tooth. They are amazing!!

  4. STAY AWAY FROM THE NUTELLA! Hahahaha! It can be seductive and a trickster.

  5. Step away from the nutella!!

  6. Hey, Amy! How's it going, mama? You'd better check in with us soon!


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