Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Night Was Hard!

My husband was home drinking his beer, there was left over digorno pizza in the fridge and there was also some Whoppers candies in the house. IT WAS ALL I COULD DO TO NOT GET UP AND EAT. IT. ALL!!! I kept thinking about my weigh in this Sunday...sigh. I did get up, i guzzled about two glasses of ice water, grabbed a piece of gum and retired to my bedroom to read my book ...
 And guess what? The world didn't end ;-)

I know the first few days of getting back on track are the hardest, I just can't give in...not now. Im getting more stubborn by the minute...and that's a good thing. Yesterdays cals were around 1700. I did workout yesterday so im not to worried about being bit high. Today im going to shoot for 1600.

I also told myself last night that i would peek at the scale this morning - a reward for not pigging out last night - and im still up about 5lbs =(  I'm hoping its only water weight. Will see Sunday morning.

And a big THANK YOU for all the comments guys, i LOVE reading them =) I also love visiting everyone's blog!
Lets make today a GOOD ONE!!!!

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