Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just A Blah Check-in

This weeks eating is going good with the exception of Monday nights meal. I dipped into my workout calories for it. This weeks workouts are great too. Today will be a run interval on the treadmill as soon as my hubby wakes up. Then i need to do some yoga.

I'm feeling blah about finding a job. This morning I filled out two more job applications online at two major gas station chains in the area...I don't care anymore if its in my field or not. I'm desperate to find SOMETHING to do. I'm so bored =( and we could use the extra spending cash. I need to get out of the house a few days a week...its been exactly one month since I've been laid off and I'm losing it, slowly!

I called about that 2nd job interview i had last Thursday, they said there making a finale decision on that raised my hopes a little. I had no idea that there so picky? My goodness. I remember the good old days when you turned in a resume or job application and was interviewed and hired at the same more of that!

anyways. Off to clean or something...


  1. You can have my job. I've been looking for a new one for over a year.

    Good luck, will keep my fingers crossed that you hear good news on Friday.

  2. Good luck for Friday! Boredom in the workplace is horrible (been there...)

  3. Good luck!! Looking for a job is torture. I know what you mean; even the smallest jobs make you go through this huge process. Just tell me if I'm hired already!!!!

  4. I hope you hear something soon. I know the waiting is horrendous. I know it's crazy but every time I turn in an application I hope they will just interview me right there and then and either hire me or not. I'm a patient person but waiting for news like that KILLS me.

    Isn't filling out applications horrible? I actually don't mind doing the ones on paper so much but most places these days only have online applications. They make you answer those crazy questions and it drives me nuts!!

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