Saturday, January 01, 2011

Janurary 2011 Workouts

1/2- Low Impact Step + Total Body sculpting (499 burned)
1/3- Cardio portion in Body Fusion (358burned)
1/4- Muscle Endurance Upper Body Split premix + Athletic step (715 calories burned)
1/5-Athletic Step
1/7-4ds kickbox + 4ds lower body (688 burned)
1/8- Athletic Step (408 burned)
1/10-Cardio Coach Volume5 (50mins, 3.575 miles)+Power Hour Upper body (37mins) 750 calories burned
1/11-Mtv power yoga + power hour abbs
1/12-Cardio Coach Volume4 + High Reps lower body only (500 burned)
1/13-4ds Lower Intensity step (33 mins, 267 burned)
1/14-Body Max2 all except the last power circuit ( 80mins,568burned)
1/16-Drill Max -45mins then some abb work, 280 burned
1/18-40minutes of Step Blast + High Reps shoulders,back & biceps (535burned)
1/19-40min walk

1/20-CCV3+13min run walk + 15 mins of lower body weight training (465 burned)
1/21-Athletic step + triceps, chest abbs-400 burned
1/23-Step Moves + Power Hour upper body + abbs (1:25mins total and 606 burned)
1/24-30 min dogwalk + jillian micheals yoga meltdown
1/25-40mins kick,punch & crunch + 35mins legs and glutes. 460 burned
1/27-Low Max, 70mins 590 burned
1/28 muscle max
1/29- 32minute dog walk. 2miles. 150 burned

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