Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Double Dog Dare Ya!

My kids thought I wouldn't do this!!!! WHATEVER...ain't no small ditch gonna scare this redneck girl! ;-)

So I've got some #'s in my mind. 52 1/2, what does that mean you ask? Well, those were my HIPS back in the summer of 2006!!!!
Today, I'm proud to say that my hips are 38inches, 30 FRICKIN 8 GUYS!!!! ( oh...i found my old measuring charts, I thought they would never been seen again - which usually happens when you have small children in the house - but YAY, DH found them tucked away in our filing cabinet. ) Check out my measurements & weight page to see my gradual shrinkage ;-)

I've got two more sizes until i reach my goal size! Here ------------>>>
I'm in a size 12 Levi's. (remember, my ultimate goal is a size 8 levi's)
Anyways....yesterday was a rest day. My calories in yesterday ended up being 1800. Not what I was aiming  for (1600) but for some reason my stomach GGGGGROWLED most of the day. I was eating nutritious meals too. I'm thinking the strength training the day before was the culprit. I always get hungry the day AFTER i lift weights...anyone else?

Today im doing some kind of cardio, probably some dancy step aerobic since im feeling salsy this morning,  then will go from there....

NO RESPONSE yet from the 2nd job interview. If i don't get a call back Monday I'M CALLING THEM and speaking to the first manger, the one who threw a fit over me ;-) Its time to get pushy!!

ok..thats my check in! Hope everyone has a great Sunday!


  1. Really delighted for you - I know what a big deal get the hip measurements below 40" is! (I'd settle for getting into the 40s from the 50s right now!)

    Fingers crossed about the job and I think a pro-active approach (calling them, as you say) shows confidence and would encourage me to hire someone. :)

  2. You look amazing. You are so close to your goal!! I bet you are seriously ecstatic.

    I'm very hippy myself and I look forward to being in the 30's.

  3. 38-inch hips? Dang, girl, that's only slightly larger than my waist measurement. You are getting tiny! Your video cracked me up, by the way.

    Calling back is a good idea. Good luck! :)

  4. Well, hi! It was nice seeing uyou on my blog. :)

    I looked at youi last post or so--it IS scarey when the binge monster strikes again. I know. sigh.

    I firmly believe that it will not win--not this time--not again. Keep at it.

    And good luck with the job. Calling them and thanking them for the interview opportunity is a good idea. It tells the company that you're interested and savvy. Recently, employers expect that thank you/checking in call and wonder if they don't get it.



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