Monday, January 10, 2011

Holy Snow!

So we got hit with about 6-8inches of snow here. Here as in GEORGIA aka: The state that 'ain't suppose to get snow'! What the flippin hell is going? We're suppse to get more snow tomorrow! Sigh.

My poor kids went outside to 'sleigh' and well, they quickly learned that they didn't know how too? LOL, they never had before?  Anyways...i showed them how to run and jump on the trash can lid (aka:sleigh) and they were off.....

So besides this ridiculous weather, there isn't much going on. Still no call back, but I'm expecting it any day now.Still very excited about it!

Todays workout was a doosie! I did a 50 minute interval run (cardio coach volume 5) then i headed to my weights and did some upper body ( power hour upper only) and was shaking by the time i was done. I love that shaky feeling.

Total workout time: 87 minutes
Total calories out: 750 (used a heart rate monitor)
Total calories In: 2037

Now my calories in are based on, a free online calorie logging website. They advise everyone to eat back there calories burned since you start off at a 500 calories deficit everyday. I'm suppose to eat 2232 today(because of my high calorie burn)...not sure if i can. I don't have a lot of clean food here and DH doesn't get paid until friday, oy!

----------Edit To Add!-------
Just measured and im shrinking...slowly. Check it out!


  1. Yep, I also heard there was snow in Texas and Arkansas from people I know. They aren't supposed to get any either. And here in Southern Oregon where we get plenty of it and are used to it, it is sunny out! GO figure.

  2. Yay, for shrinking!! I'm with you on liking the shaky feelings. I love when I feel sore. Haha, my friends think I'm weird for that but it makes me feel like I had a good work out.

    I still can't believe Georgia got so much snow. It's insane. We even had some flurries in Florida.


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