Thursday, January 27, 2011

Early Morning Ramblings

Wow, yesterday was a really bad day. I woke up in a bad mood and sadly, that mood never went away. My eating was a direct reflection of it too. I didn't measure or weigh anything, i did estimate my calories at every meal....kinda. Seriously guys, im just bored! I kept thinking yesterday "what if I go back to school?"  But what would I study? I love working maybe physical therapy or a personal trainer? I don't mind working with computers so a business degree came to mind too. I have a certification in medical billing which is useless to me. Two years of collage and no job offers, period! Very frustrating. But I'm sure im not the only one out there,lol.

Anyways...its something I'm considering since I haven't had any job offers. I feel as if i need to do something because these same old boring days, one after another are turning me insane.  My husband told me yesterday "babe, but you do have a take care of us". That did make me feel better but i need more in my life at this point. I will find something if i keep searching, I may even volunteer at the hospital or library.

And I know i said in a few post back that im going to quit thinking about finding a job but its just something thats on my mind right now and once something is there, its stuck! I've always been like that.  The same goes for my weight loss,  I have a certain # on the scale that im trying to reach. Its on my mind too, constantly! And i won't be happy until i reach it.
Today im going to focus on my eating and getting in a good workout. Every time I have a thought that has "job" or "weight" in it, I'm going to push it out of my head and just get busy doing something.


  1. I think about going back to school all the time because I hate my job. But a Masters is a lot of $ and it would probably only stress me out more! I think it's a great thing if it fits within your budget and could definitely lead to a new career. :-)

  2. Hey Amelia, be strong in pushing those job and weight thoughts out of your mind - you can do it! Cheers, Rick

  3. About 6 months after Tabitha was born, I was going out of my mind with boredom! Being a stay-at-home mum might keep me busy, but my brain could sometimes do with a little more stimulation!

  4. School or a job, tough call; so many variables only u know. Not sure where u are with your education, but if going back means getting bachelors that maybe a good choice. Stay healthy regardless, strong body will give your mind the strength to make a strong decision.


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