Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cracking Out The Whip!

I did a awesome workout this morning. First i did a full upper body heavy weight lifting dvd, Muscle Endurance by Cathe Friedrich. I was shaking by the end of it. After that i did a 40min high intensity step aerobics dvd...Athletic Step by Cathe (love her so much) and by the end of that one i was toast! Luckily i got a second wind towards the end of that workout because heavy lifting wears me out. Today's total workout time: 84minutes!.

Calories In-1634
Calories Out-715



  1. 84 minutes is very impressive. I really wasn't worried you'd eat 84 Twinkies impaled with toothpicks, but stopped by to check just in case.

  2. WOW! Great workout! I need to do one where I'm shaking by the end. I need some strength training. Great job, mama! You are kicking butt. :)


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