Monday, January 31, 2011

Cake Decorator... I Think Not!

I woke up this morning and decided to fill out more job applications. So, after getting the kids off to school and drinking my coffee, I started surfing the net. I filled out one job app then decided to check the status of a few apps I filled out at the local hospital here. I wasn't happy with those results. Status: 'were currently seeking other candidates at this time....blah,blah,blah". Sigh, so then i happen to come upon a bank teller part-time position and started that application. Well, that didn't end pretty either because my haunting past came back again. I couldn't even finish the application before a web page came up that said  were sorry, we're unable to process this application at this time, please call for further information. and that was followed by a phone number...... I passed.

Later my DH woke up and we took a trip down to the grocery store for some things we forgot on our last trip. I'm walking around, admiring the cakes when i see the bakery manager...we engage in small talk and i ask her if she happen to be hiring at the moment. She was hiring, but for a cake decorator. I told her i use to decorate cakes back when i was a teenager ,12years ago, but i could give it a go now. She said "OK, follow me and will see what you can do". (CRAP)  She then gives me a picture of a carrot cake, icing and all the icing do-dads to go along with it.  I start my cake experiment and let me tell you, it didn't look like the picture at all. It was off centered and the cake keep moving around so i was getting frustrated. AND she kept coming over and watching me (rolls eyes).

To make a long story short; she took my phone # and said if she doesn't get anyone with more experience she may give me a call.

anyways, so when i got home i was pretty down. Those negative thoughts starting consuming me again and all i could think was ' Good grief, I can't even ice a damn cake?"

maybe its for the best....i really shouldn't be around cakes anyway,lol.

Oh and my calories for today : 1598 :) <----thats the best part of this post ;-)


  1. Cake decorating is very challenging. I did it years ago but I'm sure I couldn't do it now. Hang in there. I hope a good job comes along soon. :)

  2. Awwww, big hugs! It sounds like things have been kind of frustrating lately. Great job with the calories! Keep hangin' tough, mama!!


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