Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ever since i started losing weight i would always 'brush off' compliments....i didn't really think i deserved them, i still had weight to lose. But now that im so close to my goal, im still brushing them off? Whats up with that jazz?

Im 32, still discovering things about myself. My shyness is gradually going away...which im thankful for. But when someone pays me a compliment about my weight loss the only thing I can say is thanks. Guess thats all i can say,lol. But then that feeling comes...that almost nagging feeling that says ' your still not at goal' but really...what is my goal? At first i thought it was to weigh 150lbs, but now im starting to realize that weighing 150 may not be it because of my muscle?

Let me explain.

I happen to run into a fitness instructor the other day at work (yes AT WORK, i was THRILLED to have a fellow exercise nut in my presence!) and we talked while  we were working. She has been working out for over 20 years and like me, lost a lot of weight when she first started her healthier way of living. I mentioned to her that i still had 20lbs to lose and her eyeballs got huge and she said "no way do you have 20lbs...maybe 5-10 but not 20" i was confused? I told her my weight and she told me to THROW THE  SCALE AWAY and go by how my clothes are fitting.  I was so glad i ran into her. She made my day...and get this, we have the same name, cool is that? Well its her middle name but i still loved it! She said when we get laid off i can train with her! I can't wait!

So going by her advice, Im one size away from my original goal...a size 8. Which makes me very happy...

Im still working on accepting the compliments though..its funny how i still do double takes in a mirror, guess its hasn't sinked in yet? Its been over 3 1/2 years since ive lost the majority of my wieght. And still get that 'sad' feeling after I eat something naughty. Its all a mind game. As soon as that feeling comes i start thinking positive and im fine. It really works...that positive thinking,lol.

I think in the end its all about loving myself and not punishing myself after i choose to indulge a little.

anyways...just checking in. I need to go and update my workouts on here...i have been working out (lol) just not putting the on here. Monday was a run interval and yesterday was upper body weights, today will be another cardio, think i will do some low max.

Gotta go, have a great day :-)

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