Friday, October 01, 2010

October 2010 Workouts Page

10/01 - 4mile power walk
10/02 - Rest
10/03 -2mile walk
10/04 -2mile walk
10/05 -2mile walk, 4ds Back & Biceps premix, 4ds bootcamp
10/06 -2mile walk, 4ds chest,shoulders & triceps
10/07 -2mile dog walk
10/08 -4 Day Split legs premix + Lowmax intervals 4-7 premix
10/09 -Coremax #2, 40 minutes of Athletic Step by Cathe, 10mins yoga
10/10 -2mile walk
10/11 -2mile power walk
10/12 -4ds chest & back, 4ds HIS, evening dog walk
10/13 -am + pm power walks totaling 4.4miles
10/14 -2mile power walk, 4ds Shoulders,Calves,Core + LIS
10/15 -3mile power walk
10/16 -2mile power walk, 4ds legs,biceps,triceps, 20min of Athletic Step
10/17 -4mile power walk
10/18 -rest
10/19 -BM2, everything but abbs!
10/20 -40min power walk + 20min stretch
10/21 -30min power walk + 30mins of legs & Glutes + kpc core
10/22 -30min power walk + All of Athletic Step.
10/23-all of super sets
*no weights, recovery week*
10/25-43min power walk
10/26- all of step blast, some core work.
10/27- Cardio Coach volume 4
10/28- 4.16 mile walk-1:06 mins
10/29- Low Impact Step timesaver premix + lic abbs
10/31- 35mins of KPC

Video Inspiration

I need some inspiration this morning. Watching this really helped...wanted to thank a friend of mine for sharing it with me. Thanks Kristina =)

Thursday, September 30, 2010


I ran into an old friend this morning while i was at the grocery store. She just couldn't believe how much weight i had lost! She was so sweet and complimentary. Made me feel like a million bucks. She wanted to know how i did it. I told her and it was almost like her face went blank? She said "Wow, Really?  Like...thats it? That's the secret? Eating healthy and working out? You should have seen the excitement drop off her face. I guess telling her about the newest diet craze would have made the conversation more interesting :-P.

So, anyways. I've been kinda piddling around the last 8 days or so with my bad eating habits, nothing too crazy but not eating clean and not counting calories.,bowl of cereal here, a cookie there.  And you know what? I don't give a rats patootie ;-)   I got in all my walks this week. Got in a very heavy lifting workout today, even when i didn't feel like it. So im proud of myself. My eats today have been super duper clean. Protein pancakes for breakfast. Tuna on ww bread for lunch w/banana, lean hamburger on ww bun w/veggies piled high and roasted sweet potatoes for supper. later i will have some popcorn. I didn't count the calories in that meal either.. Hey,I'm liking this not-counting-calories phase im going through. Gives my mind a break!

Oh and i got rid of all my pages I plan on re-arranging things a bit. Time to redecorate =]

Monday, September 27, 2010

Smiling like a Fool...

You guys missed my little happy dance in the dressing room @ Ross today :-P. Yep, i was smiling like a fool...every pair of size tens that i grabbed I COULD WEAR! *Gasp* Size Ten guys!!! I never thought i would say I'm in a size 10!!! I mean WOW! 

Another little victory of mine today was my lunch. DH and i went out for lunch at O'Charley's. I ate half of what i ordered, estimating the calories. When i got home, I  looked up there nutrition info online and was pretty darn close. My Cassie girl ( <---see pic) got the left overs.

I got my DH to measure me and im down. So happy I started measuring instead of putting all my hope in that darn, evil scale!!!
9/12/2010-Measurements           9/27/2010 Measurements
arm-10 1/2                                 arm-11
thigh-21 3/4                               thigh-20 1/2
Calve-15 1/2                              Calve-16
Waist-35 1/2                             Waist-34 1/2
Hips-39 1/2                               hips- 38 3/4Weight:171                               Weight: 173.6

Its it crazy how you can go UP in weight but go DOWN in size?

Watch out size 8, here i come....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Focusing on the positive

Hello All, 

The past few days haven't been great eating wise. I have however kicked major bootie with my workouts. Yesterday was a lot better, i managed to control my emotionally urges and stay at a moderate calorie count. Today im going to focus on the positives instead of dwelling in the past.

I'm still in the Columbus Day Challenge but im not going to post about it daily. I think that was putting too much pressure on me. And  I should have known all the rules i made for myself were completely unrealistic. I mean come on i was taking all the fun factors out...No alcohol? No treat meals? Those are the two things i have always allowed in my healthier life style just  in moderation. So that was a failure waiting to happen :0 . I will start posting my meals back in my meals & pics tab at the top of the page.

One of the goals was to be in a size 10 pants...well, i bought a size 10 relaxed-fit cargo pants last weekend and love them. So that was a victory. Size 10 jeans are too tight to wear in public but i can get them button so that's FANTASTIC too!

So, the positives since losing my weight & becoming more fit:
- by golly i have a jaw bone now!
- i can cross my legs without re-positioning my butt
- my kids are asking me to slow down when we walk the dogs
- introducing a healthier life style to my kids life; being a positive role model to them
- I can grab 5 plastic bags of grocery's  from the car and there not heavy!
- hearing my daughter say "wow mom, your strong" when i get the grocery's from the car
- being able to complete an advanced high intensity workout and not collapse on the floor after-wards.
- seeing muscles in my neck that I never knew was there!
- actually looking forward to shopping now
- not feeling self conscious when i wear a tank top in public(this was a victory for me)
- seeing my reflection anywhere out in public and feeling good about it.
- noticing that i have less jiggle when im bloated
- being able to do push-ups on my toes (on a good day,lol)
- I crave veggies now

The list can go on and on but you get the idea. ok, later gators....

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....