Saturday, September 18, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day 11

4 Day Split: low impact step (Cathe Friedrich)

1 slice ww bread w/2tbs natural peanut butter,coffee
turkey sandwich, tomato, green leaf lettuce,onion,light mayo,pickle
1 can tuna,light mayo,10 saltine crackers,coffee
1 ww sub roll, hickory smoked turkey breast, 1 slice swiss cheese, light mayo, all the veggies it would hold! Weight watcher icecream sandwich(so good)
light popcorn
Total calories=1540

It always amazes me how much food i can eat with so little calories (1500 is little to me,lol) Seeing it all listed like this makes me realize i had a lot of light mayo today :-P

SOOOO, tomorrow is the big weigh in! This morning im still holding steady at 170.0...come on 169. Im still down 1lb since my last weigh in but to see 169 would mean so much to me! :-D

Tomorrow is also my treat meal day, and good golly i can't wait! Not sure what were having yet, DH and i usually have it all planned out by Saturday. (its also the only day we 'eat out' for the week so he's pretty excited too,lol). I started counting calories on this day simple because my weight loss as slowed down to a crawl, so i try to stay around 2,000 and do a really good workout. ok, be back in the morning!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day 10, TGIF!!!!

Taco Salad=420 calories
35min Dog walk, 55 min circuit workout( Cathe friedrich's Body Fusion Workout) then i did some core work from another workout dvd that was about 8mins.

1tbs natural peanut butter (npb in older post), 1slice ww toast
2eggs,2pc turkey bacon,2ww toast w/20grams of apply jelly
115g vanilla greek yogurt,100g white grapes,1small gala apple,1tbs npb
lean cuisine spaghetti w/meat sauce, weight watcher ice cream sandwich
Total Calories 1570

I was at the grocery store yesterday and i sorta gravitated towards the weight watcher ice-cream section. All the WWer products were 2/5$!! Talk about being excited,lol! Then i found some WWer round ice-cream sandwiches with a 1.00 coupon on them...... I was beside myself : D !!!! So now the challenge is to only eat ONE  a day! I don't hardly buy anything that will temp me but i couldn't say no to a box of 6, 140 calorie chocolate ice-cream DREAMS for what ended up being only $1.50. I plan on having one after supper every night :]

My workout today was a beginner/Intermediate type DVD that Cathe offers but i tell you what, you add in heavier weights instead of the 3lb dumbells she uses and WOWEEE, i was burning!!! Then i increased my step height to 8 inches instead of 6 and i was gasping for air after every step segment! It was a great workout!

The past 3days the scale has been holding steady at 170.6! That about a 1/2lb loss since my last weigh in, last Sunday. Now i know i should be excited to see the scale going in the right direction but, sigh,  i don't ever remember it going so slow in that direction, lol! So far I'm averaging about 2 lbs a month...that is VERY slow weight loss! But, its weight loss so i shouldn't complain, right?. Im still waiting for that WHOOSH as i like to call it. You know, that moment when you step on the scale and your down a few lbs! I really miss those...

Keep your fingers crossed that i can step into a new low # on Sunday....the 160's!!! Come on 169....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #9

30min dog walk/rest after that

grits,turkey bacon,2eggs, 1 slice ww toast, coffee
4oz taco meat,2 hard shells broken, cheese, salsa (taco salad) handful of white grapes
banana, yogurt
crockpot shredded chicken sandwich, light mayo, salad w/kens light ranch (mmm, love
Total Calories= 1525

I can't believe we still have left over taco meat left and i can't believe im not sick of it yet, HA! I bought a salad bag mix yesterday that was marked down and it was my favorite mix of lettuce, sweet butter lettuce and red butter lettuce...mmm, so good. I plan on having a huge taco salad with the bag! I love leftovers...

I thought about doing a circuit type of workout today but decided to listen to my body and relax.  Besides, I can get in a circut tomorrow, a cardio + core workout on saturday then finish off the week with a full body weight workout on Sunday. Its all good =-)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #8

55 minute power walk + 20min yoga session

1 slice ww toast w/1tbs npb, coffee
2eggs, 2pc ww toast
turkey sandwich w/veggies, baked dorito's
banana, yogurt
3 hard shell taco's w/lean beef, cheese + tomatoes,1/2 serving refried beans, 100g white grapes, fudge pop
100 calories of something or maybe not?
Total Calories - 1640 1540

Well, i passed up another opportunity to eat junk food today. DH  asked if i wanted to go to a local burger joint that we love for supper. There cheeseburgers are to die,...but not worth me going off my diet for ;-) He said he was 'sorry babes, I forgot' and we had leftover tacos. Which were very good and satisfying.   He's such a sweetie pie when it comes to my workouts/diet, he understands that this is important to me  =)

I was surprised to see my water weight already gone from Sunday's treat meal...that is VERY exciting, i was squealing like a little girl this morning when i stepped on the scale (teehee) Know what that means? That means i just might----crossing my fingers----see a loss this week. Please scale gods be kind to me!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #7

38mins of Kick, Punch & Crunch by Cathe Friedrich including core, 30min dog walk

2eggs,2pc ww toast w/light butter and 20g jelly
1 can tuna,light mayo,10 saltines, salad w/kens raspberry walnut light dressing(yum)
3hard shell taco,4oz lean ground beef,1/2c re-fried beans,reduced fat cheddar cheese,veggies
100 calorie snack of something?

Really dragging butt this morning with my workout, i almost took a rest day.....but i made myself get it done.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #6

Muscle Endurance (Cathe Friedrich, full body free weights dvd)
30 min dog walk

2eggs,1pc ww bread,grits(37g), 3pc turkey bacon, coffee
npb sandwich on ww bread with 20g of apply jelly....mmmm
1c vanilla yogurt
1 porkchop(5oz) 5.3oz baked potato + 1/2 serving light butter, 2servings green beans, fudge pop
Total Calories=1545

My sister's birthday was today and we had a little get together here at my house. We had cake and icecream...but i didn't, hehehe. I proudly pulled out my fudge pop ;-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #5


coffee,eggs,20g apple jelly on two pcs ww toast, 2pcs turkey bacon
(planned treat meal) 1/4 grill burger w/cheese, reg fry, 1/2 mini chocolate xtreme blizzard
ham sandwich, huge salad w/2tbs kens healthy options ranch dressing
Total calories=1740
Had some beers so the total is now 2200...its all good,hehehe

I went on the dairy queen site and I thought it was so neat how you can build your meal and calculate your calories. I love those new mini blizzards! Its genius of dairy queen to come up with them. I had every intention on eating all of mine today but after three bites i just didn't want anymore. I kept thinking  this is 400 calories? Its good but not worth it,hehehe. Im glad i did because my calories are still at a reasonable amount for a treat meal day! =) it was a good day!!

A Haunting Past...

I had a job interview back @ the end of May.  I had a total of three interviews with this emergency medical office with in a two week period. When i got the call back for the last interview i knew that i had a very good chance of getting the job.The job was perfect for me, nurses hours (12 hr shifts) and they were willing to work with my ever-so-tricky schedule. I was SO excited. I have been a stay at home mom forever and although i do find it very rewarding, i feel the need for more in my life! Working right now would mean a lot to me.

So to make a long story short, on the last interview i was told what was expected of me. I met ALL the doctors and the people i would be working with. I was told what color scrubs to wear in the office, where i could buy them and when i would START. I was so overjoyed at this point i had tears in my eyes. There was one last step in the interview process, a back ground check which i had no problem agreeing too. So i followed her ( the interviewer) down to the local police station to do the back ground check.

Before i finish this story i wanted to say that i was a VERY rebellious teen. I was arrested once when i was eighteen for obstruction(giving false information to a police officer) spent one night in jail and served community service and thought that was the end of it. No big deal. I was never arrested again and learned my lesson to respect all aspects of the law.

Well,  that completely absurd crime that happened over12yrs ago CAME BACK to haunt me that day. The interviewer glanced at the report and said 'well your fine, oh wait..." and my heart dropped out of my chest. She said i could come back to the office and explain the report to the boss and I agreed..... but it didn't help, just humiliated me further in front of two people instead of one.

I was brokenhearted for days/weeks after that .Crying all the time, going over that day in my mind. Wondering why it happened and what was the lesson to be learned?  It was such a perfect job for me. Who would think that they would go back that far in my back ground? I've worked at doctor's offices, department stores and several temparary services since that 'crime' with no problems?

I think the hardest part for me was being rejected, that feeling. Being turned away because i wasn't 'good enough'. Its still hard for me to talk about :(

I told friends that i simply didn't get the job without going into further detail. And for those that are reading this, i apologize for that. I was embarrassed. But getting it out now does feel better.

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....