Saturday, September 11, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #4

Cathe Friedrich 4 day split:high intensity step
MTV yoga
448 burned in 67 minutes

1 serving pancakes,sf syrup, 2eggs,2pc turkey bacon, coffee
2tbs npb + 20g apple jelly on ww bread(YUM)
yogurt+ orange
lean cuisine spaghetti w/1 slice garlic bread on ww bread + huge salad w/veggies,kens light ranch dressing
Total calorie =1716

*over 100 cals but mowed the back yard*

Feeling good today! I was wrestling with some cravings last night but i fought my way through them. I kept thinking what are you doing? your not hungry...go find something to do.  You know its weird, when you stop giving into cravings there is this power shift in your favor?
I listened to a great pod cast yesterday while walking from Renee Stevens. she was talking about the inner conflict between what we want and what we need. It made so much sense. Here is a link to the page, just scroll down to episode 5 and you can listen. Its pretty interesting and best of all,its free.
Yo-Yo dieting

Friday, September 10, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #3

30min lower body weights + 30 min power walk

pb slice w/55g banana,coffee
ham sandwich on ww bread w/light mayo, huge salad w/light dressing, baked dorito's
vanilla yogurt, orange,coffee
2 turkey hot dogs on ww bread, 1/2 serving slaw, baked dorito's, fudge pop
Total Calories=1515

I felt a lot better after my workout. I made myself get dressed and do it and im glad I did =) I've got to keep going. I love seeing that ticker at the top of my blog count down the days until this challenge is over.

Nightmares & poopie heads

Remember me saying i would come on here and post when i was whinny or wanted to bitch & complain? Weeeeell....I had a bad night last night. Around 3am i suddenly woke up and realized i was having a nightmare. It was those kinds of nightmares that parents, in particular, really dread. My kid was missing in a department store and i had that intense feeling of being frantic when i woke up. Ugh, really sucks. There was tears in my eye's too,sigh. I really need to start reading something other than murder mysteries when i go to bed. : /

So now I'm in a real poopie head mood (as my 5yr old would say) and i've got to snap out of it. Being in a bad mood can easily twist into a binge or a junk food frenzy, ack! 

On today's agenda is my workouts then some grocery shopping.
Ya know what? I feel better =)

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Columbus Day Challenge day #2

Today I decided to take it easy on the cardio since yesterday was a high intensity step aerobics, my knee's will thank me. I did  power walk for 45 mins then came home and did Cathe Friedrich's Coremax 3 + Stretchmax 3. Good workout! My abbs were really burning...

My planned eats
coffee, 1 slice of ww toast w/tbs of npb
cheese pizza on ww wrap
ham sandwich w/tomato lettuce, 95g banana,coffee
grits,eggs,turkey bacon,toast,fudge pop
that sneaky popcorn (yum)
Total calories = 1465

I've GOT to get some veggies tomorrow...i ran out yesterday and i feel so much better when i eat them!

Yesterday i was doing some job hunting online and came across three job openings close to my area. I was surprised to see the openings. I sent them a resume last night, maybe i will get an interview :D . The last  job i had was back in may and it was just a temporary position.
DH keeps telling me that if im meant to work right now...the job will come otherwise to stop stressing about it,sigh.  I want to work, i get so bored sitting around the house :( not to mention the extra income we would have. That's one thing i miss, when i was working we could go shopping more,LOL. I MISS THAT :-P now we more or less pay bills and buy one or two things(usually for the kids) and thats it...

ok, enough with the rambling...everyone have a great day!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Challenge Day #1

Hey there, quick check in here!

Today was a 35minute step aerobic + 30 min Upper body heavy weights (click on the link for a pre-view from youtube). I wasn't really motivated for some reason but i made myself get dressed and get it over with. Felt great when i was done. Total time was 63mins and Burned 490 calories all together.
*pats herself on the back*

My eats for the day
2eggs,grits,1pc ww toast,coffee
refried bean burrito w/cheese & hot sauce on a multigrain flat out wrap (YUM)
4.3oz lean steak, huge side salad w/kens light&healthy ranch dressing, small potatoe w/light butter
1530 total calories

ok...everyone have a great day

Columbus Day Challenge!

Columbus day is exactly 35 days away. I'm Challenging myself to go 35 days ON PLAN!  I will post everyday, listing my meals and workout stats. If i have to whine,bitch and complain at that time then so be it.....whatever it takes to get me through 35 MORE DAYS of perfect eating.

I have never went more than 7 days without giving myself an indulgence/treat  meal. So that was the first thing that popped in my head before announcing this. Can I do it?  How bad do I want it? I'm in a size 12 jeans right now and I'm not happy with it AT ALL.  My goal is to be in a size 10 by the end of this challenge.

 1) Stay with in my range of calories 1400-1600 not a calorie more!
*i had to edit this because i have to keep this challenge realistic. I will keep my cals at 1400-1600 during the week but sunday is a treat meal, so i will try and keep the cals under 2000! *
 2) Take a before and after picture
 3) no alcohol  :o

If anyone reading would like to join feel free! Let me know how your doing and what rules you made for yourself. =) 

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Learning Balance

Lately I've been really trying to keep the peace between me and my arch enemy : Food! On top of being a compulsive eater/binge eater i also deal with some depression at times. It comes and goes but i keep it in check with diet and exercise.

Yesterday i dipped my toes in the cookie pool - but i didn't go swimming. I made homemade from-the-box chocolate chip cookies 'for the kids' and ended up eating a few. Later my mom stopped by with some McDonald's and I gotta tell ya, it was good.  Further into the evening I had 3 beers while cheering on my favorite bb team. (DH at work, kids asleep and i was completely content with being by myself in the living room,lol)

So, I guess my point to all this is I counted every last calorie yesterday and the day ended at a respectable amount (an amount discovered through trial and error) and there was no overwhelming sadness and regret when i woke up. Of course i knew i had to balance yesterdays decisions with a good workout today & good eating. I just finished a great full body weight lifting workout followed by a fun step aerobics routine. It was 99 mins total and 702 calories burned..that's done! Now time to focus on my eating for today and tomorrow morning i can pat myself on the back =)

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....