Friday, September 03, 2010

Weighed Today

 Down 1.2lbs. What an awesome feeling and great motivator! SO CLOSE to the 160's very close! Haven't been there is almost 15 yrs!

****Doing my happy dance ****

Also wanted to share this drawing  from one of my weight loss blogger friends,Deb will be free!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Just One Cupcake!

Well, made cupcakes Tuesday, manage to avoid eating any up until after supper today. I had one and oh my, was it good,lol.  I'm pretty sure my calories today are still fine but dang, i was trying to avoid any junk. Junk makes me want even more junk and get the idea.

You know what? I was just thinking...usually about right now i would be debating on having another cupcake. But somethings different today....I don't want another one? Wow, that felt pretty good :)

Besides the cupcake, i have been on plan all week. Got some good workouts in and kept up with my calories, that feels good too.

The last time i weighed was on the 29th(Sunday) of August. I didn't lose any weight and it hit me kinda hard. So hard that in fact i lost my focus that Thursday night through Saturday, didn't eat hardly anything healthy but did get in my workouts so hopefully there wasn't a lot of damage. I thought about weighing this Sunday but im not sure if i can take the good with the bad. I would love to see a loss but at the same time, am i mentally strong enough to see the same # or a gain? I have a couple of days to decide.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September Workouts

9/1- 35 min dog walk(power walk) + 26 min workout with legs and weights + 10 mins of some yoga/stretching.
       425 calories burned.
9/2 -Cardio Coach Press Play+coremax 1 ........55mins total & 450 burned
9/3 -55 min dog walk, morning + 35min dogwalk, afternoon
9/4 -rest
9/5-full body heavy weights  (55mins) + 40min step aerobics workout 720 burned
9/6-cardio coach press play, 56mins 4.5 miles 520 burned
9/7-47 min power walk + stretch
9/8- step aerobics + upper body weights
9/9- 45min power walk + core + stretch
9/10-legs & glutes standing (25mins) + 30min dog walk.
9/11- 4 day split: high intensity step premix step only, 35mins of yoga
9/12- rest
9/13- Muscle Endurance (full body heavy weights) + 32 min dog walk
9/14- Kick, Punch & Crunch 38mins(including core) + 30 min dog walk
9/15-55 min power walk + 20min yoga
9/16-30min dog walk/rest
9/17-Body Fusion (circuit) w/heavier weights + dog walk
9/18-4 Day split: low impact step, did the last part twice(3combos) 43mins total
9/19-Muscle Max and boy did it ;-)(another of Cathe's)
9/20-Dog walk/rest
9/21- Cathe Friedrichs Drill Max(5drills total) first i walked the dog for 30mins. 90mins total workout
9/22-4 mile interval run + core & stretch
9/23-2mile power walk, upper body heavy weights, 35min high intensity step aerobics, stretch
9/24-4 mile power walk
9/25- full body heavy weight lifting...
9/26-45mins high intensity step aerobics
9/27-3.5 mile power walk
9/28-2 mile power walk + 30min high intensity step aerobics + 10min core workout.
9/29-4mile walk + 20mins yoga
9/30-2mile walk + full body heavy weights.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cheesy Bicep Flex pic

Yep! I just had to do it....i never thought i would ever have a cheesy bicep flex pic, but so be it. I think after sticking to this lifestyle for over 5yrs now (July this year) i deserve to post it :) If you look real closely you can almost make out a bicep muscle, LOL...

Nothing special going on today. Suppose to be a rest day but i feel great, may take the dog for a walk. I think there is something about walking that is so relaxing. My Lab is looking at me right now through our sliding glass doors...its so cute!

Yesterday was a good eating day, we took the kids to burger king for supper and I planned ahead and felt so proud of that. We then took the little froggies ( we got above ground pool over the summer and stayed submerged in it, the kids reminded me of frogs,lol) to get an outfit for school and I of course had to try on some clothes...smaller clothes was another nice moment, smiling at myself in the mirror. I didn't buy any (im a tight*ss,lol ) but it was fun trying them on. Actually, i was wanting to go by the Salvation Army store today and see whats there.

And i just wanted to little girl is SO hard to shop for, OMG!!! I can't help but wonder if i was that picky as a child? Makes me appreciate my mother that much more.

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....