Friday, August 27, 2010

ugh....just UGH!

I'm venting kinda mad at myself right now,sigh. For the past two days i have been way over my calories. 

 Yesterday was great up until night time came. I started feeling those little urges to eat and most of the time i ignore them or get my mind busy doing something......but not last night! I totally gave in. Today hasn't been very good either. At least i got some good workouts in....i want to do this the healthy way and eating like this isn't my idea of healthy. The only difference from me now and the me 5yrs ago(before my weight loss)  is that I'm conscious of my unhealthy choices and know when to pull the pulling the breaks right now!

I'll be alright, Im going to get right back on track tomorrow and forgot about all this nonsense. Im only 23lbs away from my goal weight...what im I being all pissy about? Thats fantastic :).

ok, off to drink some water....i've got one of those dreadful sugar buzzes : /

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sneaky Popcorn

SO i was watching The Closer last night and it was time for my night time snack, 99% of the time it's popcorn. I open --------->
and pop me up a mini bag, settled on the couch and start munching. WELL, by the end of the bag i was LICKING MY FINGERS and was all googly eyed at this 130 calorie popcorn! It was so delicious. : D 
I thought "oh, im buying some more of this" and then started to wonder why it had such a buttery taste vs my usual Smart Pop (100 calories ). Could it be the 30 calorie difference?  After digging out any available crumb i then wanted to double check the nutrition facts...earlier that day i was in the popcorn isle for what seemed like forever, trying to decide which one is better.  So long and behold it WASN'T 130 calories but 160...ok, thats just 30 more calories than what i thought it was. I could still squeeze it in a few nights a week. Then my eye's scrolled down and my jaw dropped : 13 grams of fat? wonder is so lickable good?  Sigh, there goes my yay-i-found-a-new-food moment...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rest, a nice moment and calorie estimates...

So, this morning was my rest day. One complete day of work outs of any kind. No mowing the lawn, no walking the dog, no heavy cleaning...just rest. Its hard for me to rest, i love my workouts and look forward to them.  :)

After watching a lifetime movie(it was really good too,lol) i decided to take a quick shower. We have a full length mirror in our bathroom and I noticed some changes in my body. My legs are becoming leaner, there is less visible fat. My stomach is getting smaller and the skin is getting looser ( i wish i could say i don't have stomach skin,hehehe) and just an over all appearance of more muscle. It was a nice moment, i actually smiled at myself in the mirror.

Sundays free day didn't go too bad but I didn't like a feeling i started having towards the end of the day. A feeling of urgency to eat more... i don't like that. That 'feeling' is something im trying to avoid. Im seriously thinking of just counting calories that day and maybe increasing it a little so i can have more control.  Most online calorie calculators tell me to eat around 1400-1700 calories in order to lose 1lb a week and 2200 to maintain my weight. I think if i eat 2200 on Sunday i could still eat a little more and still keep that 'control' feeling. What do you guys think?  Any thoughts?

I just don't want my weight loss to slow down for any working to hard right now.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Weigh In 8/22

Well no loss for today, its a little disappointing. 172.8 ( + .6) My DH says it may have something to do with the frozen Chinese food meal i had on Wednesday. Could be, but i watched my sodium for the most part of that day. I had a cold for most of the week and 2 of my workouts weren't as intense as they usually are..that could be the culprit too.

LOOK AT ME....trying to figure out WHY i didn't lose? Its going to remind myself of a quote from a very inspiring book i've recently purchased by Geene Roth saying :
Scales have the power to turn a previously depressing day into one with sunshine, and a previously bright day into a miserable one. When we get on a scale , we say, "Tell me, machine, how I should feel about myself today."
I did everything right this week and i will leave it at that! 

THE GOOD NEWS IS that i measured yesterday and was down a little in my hips. Now that is something to cheer about!

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....