Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day # 13 Calorie Challenge

Well, this week wasn't too bad. Wednesday, Thursday & Friday my calories were way over my limit. I got in some good workouts so im sure it will all balance out. I haven't weighed since i don't know when...i don't even know where the scale is? My DH hide it from me a few weeks ago (after i told him too). I found a rotation to follow with Cathe workouts. Im going to do the generic breakdown of it so i can add in my own workout. Here is a link to it. Its called FF's Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced rotation : Anyways. Thats my check in for today.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day #12 Calorie Counting Challenge

Well so far this challenge is a success. Although I have had some bad days calories wise i still managed to shrink a little over the past two weeks. I was measured yesterday and lost almost everywhere. Pretty proud of that, but im not proud of my eating last night. For some reason those night cravings get the better of me. I actually went to bed and was reading, it was late...around 11pm and my stomach was growling. So far my calories were at 1410 and was proud of that. But something snapped in me and i went and ate about 1000 calories, yikes! It only took me like 10 minutes too. Before it knew what happened my day was blown. sigh SABOTAGE!! WHY didn't I eat more? I burned 500 calories wonder i wasn't satisfied with 1400 calories? DUH!!! I swear my mind is like a resets itself and I lose all stored memory....HA! So this morning i woke up with that awful "why did i do that?" feeling and was beating myself up and immediately thought. "ok, so you ate last night...are you going to let it ruin your day?" NO Today I will not think about what happened yesterday and instead think about how fabulous i will look in a few months...yesterday was nothing. My dad and brothers are going through a hard time right now. I was thinking a lot about them yesterday. My parents split up back in February and its hard on my dad. He came over for a visit yesterday and i saw the pain in his eye's. It really sucks to see your parents not happy and whats worse is that there is nothing i can do to help :( So that is my check in for today. My plan is too stay around 1500 calories and stay out of the kitchen tonight.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day #11 Calorie Challenge

I had a weak moment last night and i splurged on some feel good I know thats a lame excuse but thats all got right now. >>>>>>>MOVING ON>>>>>>> Today is back on track. Its the 15th of the month so i still have about 15 more days in the month, i can lose a couple of lbs in 15 days :) and for the most part i was on plan this month. One thing is for sure, im being more accountable. I'm getting my workouts in and feeling great about that :) So, we got another part for the car yesterday and its still not working. DH thinks its in theft mode...every time we put it in another gear besides park, it goes dead. Weird. Were not spending another dime on that car until we get a mechanic out to look at it. And luckily my mom has one that she's used for years and trust. He'll be out in the next couple of days. Were thinking about selling it once we get it going...LOL. Its a 2001 PT cruiser and we've only had it about three months :(

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I want to eat :(

Im so mad/frustrated right now. I guess over the past two weeks things have been getting to me and i've been trying to ignore them. Today i just want to escape from reality. Were still having car issues. Its been sitting in our drive way for two weeks now because we couldn't afford to get the part to get it fixed. Well, we got the part yesterday and now my DH is having problems putting it on. The old part broke into pieces and is partly stuck and he's trying to figure out how to get it out. I just wanted to SCREAM when he said that. Part of me wishes we never bought the car to begin with :( he says its a nice car and the 99% sure this will fix it... Were still having problems with our pool. I want to take it back...SERIOUSLY, im so done with it. Its such a huge money sucker. Its still cloudy. We got something yesterday to help with the cloudiness, it did at first. Everything settled to the bottom but then our cheap a$$ vacuum couldn't suck it up. sigh, i just give up! GIVE UP! Nobody sells the filter cartridge that goes inside the pump (another problem) i just ordered more from target that will be here is 7days. My lab chewed up the vacuum 'sock' that holds debris so i have to order one of those too :( Just not a happy camper right now....and i want to stuff my face until i get that full feeling :( this is me being honest. I don't want to eat so i will fight this feeling all day. I have to learn how to deal with my emotions some other way. I wish we could go ahead and go on our hike sure that will make me feel better... Gonna go take something for this headache :(

Day #10 Calorie Challenge

Yesterday was suppose to be a lower day but because i burned so much during my workout i upped it a bit. I ended the day at 1750. Today were suppose to go hiking, I will be doing some leg work + yoga this morning. Im going to wear my HRM during the hike so i can manage my calories in. My thoughts for the day: I've noticed in the past when restricting my calories i would end up eating at night, i would be ravenous, eating whatever was in front of me, MY BODY WAS TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING!!!! On those intense workout days i need to pay close attention to my calories in, maybe increasing a little to fuel my body. I've noticed if i burn more than 400 calories i seem to get really hungry on those lower calorie days. Of course its all about what i eat trying to eat at least 85% clean most of the time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day #9 Calorie Challenge

Day #8 was skipped because i considered it a 'free day' I didn't count calories but didn't pig out either :) I put my workout clothes on twice and would get interrupted so i gave up and took a shower, probably needed to rest my leg anyway. Today is day #9 on the calorie counting challenge, I'm still feeling very good. I'm not feeling at all guilty about yesterday's splurges. We ate Chickfila for lunch(had a salad) then came home, i cleaned up some around the house then DH wanted to go to Walmart for something so we stopped at Dairy Queen. I wanted a blizzard but settled for a dipped cone, i know the calories in blizzards are ridiculous! My favorite one starts at 690 for a SMALL...a small, thats crazy and sooooo not worth it! Today i plan to get in a kick ass workout, stay on plan with my eating and walk my cassie girl this evening :) thats my check in for today...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day #7 Calorie Challenge

Still going...Another good day on plan :) We've got to get some grocery's tomorrow...pickins are gettin slim :o Today was a 35 min dogwalk. I burned about 200 calories, I didn't feel like doing anything intense because my left hamstring is hurting, not sure what i did but I've injured it somehow? Maybe i didn't stretch good enough yesterday after my weight work? Maybe my form wasn't good? Anyways, i plan on doing some yoga tomorrow to help. Cold/hot compression isn't helping so far. Time for some ibuprofen... ok, that was my daily check in :)

August check-in

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