Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day #6 Calorie Challenge

Yesterday was good. I managed to avoid eating pizza hut and it was HARD. My mom came over and spent the night and of course brought junk food for the, it smelled sooooo good. But i kept telling myself " it will be there when i get to my goal" Because one slice WILL turn into more,lol. Pizza is like Lays potato chips to me...i can't have just one. That's one thing im sticking unplanned eating. I do plan on having a meal either tomorrow or Monday. Anyways, my calories ended up being about 1400 because i did eat some deli meat to stop the stomach growls. I've got a workout planned for today, not exactly sure yet.Maybe a circuit but those make me so hungry :/

Friday, July 09, 2010

Day #5 Calorie Challenge

STILL GOING WELL, Last night i did eat a little bit more than planned but i stopped myself before any real damage could happen. Ended my day at 2100 calories. I noticed later in the day yesterday i started getting really tired and bitchy :o then after eating my last snack i started those 'thought's' like ( "one bite won't hurt" or " i deserve this after today's workout" ) and i did give in a little. But I'm still VERY PROUD of myself for not going crazy. 2100 calories at the end of the day isn't bad at all. After you minus the calories i burned . Yesterday night eating was definitely emotional, i just read over yesterdays thread and that confirms it... SO WITH THAT SAID....i will stay focused today. When and IF those thoughts pop into my head i will get my mind busy and ignore them. After all, the mind is a power thing and i CAN and HAVE over come those thoughts. Just takes will power! Today will more than likely be a rest day. So my calories will be lower, around 1400 or so. I plan on eating my pizza tonight (kashi spinach and mushroom,mmmmm) so I've got to make calories for that :) Sunday is the big weigh in...TOM is suppose to start today so i may have to push my WI off a few biggie. More time to lose weight! I plan on measuring on the 14th :) OH AND I HAVE GOOD home owners insurance agent called and im getting a check mailed..yay! Im just excited to be getting something back on all my electronics that were damaged! :) ok, thats my check in for today....

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Day #4 Calorie Challenge

Today was some upper body work then some yoga. Its been great with the eating so far but wow what a frustrating day I've had. A friend calls and kinda pisses me off with smart comments, sometimes i wonder WHY i even answer the phone :( She can be so bitter sometimes. My pool isn't clean yet. We had an Algae bloom show up about a week ago and we have been fighting it ever since. We finally got the water blue Sunday morning but still no clear water :( . Now were deciding to either take a water sample to a pool supply store or drain it and refill the damn thing. Im just scared to see my water bill next month :( so besides that, my day is good.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Day #3 Calorie Challenge

Today was a good day! My calories are ending right around 1700. Got a 30min run in this morning and burned 404, plan on walking the dog in a few for 30mins and it usually burns around 180..... Im feeling good :) thats the most important thing! So we were in the grocery store yesterday and found a frozen meal we thought we would try called Voila by Birds Eye. All you do is dump it in a pot and add water...heat and serve. We got Garlic Shrimp and let me tell you it was VERY TASTY, so tasty that we went back today and picked up another meal, this time the Cheese Ranch Chicken one. Very good too, we couldn't really taste the ranch in it because we had side salads with ranch dressing (mine was light of course,hehe). Today we had some garlic bread sticks that were around 140 calories and felt like we were in an Italian Restaurant. It was soo darn good. The Cheese ranch is only 210 calories for a cooked cup and the one yesterday wasn't bad, think about 300 calories. You just never know what you'll find in the frozen section... TWO THUMBS UP.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day #2 Calorie Challenge

Yesterday was GREAT! I didn't do an intense workout but i did walk the dog last night for 30mins and wore my heart rate monitor (HRM) and burned 197 calories! I finished the day at 1480 calories which is fantastic! DH wanted Mcdonalds for supper and we went but i order an unsweetened tea with splenda and THAT WAS IT! Came home and made me a pizza...I was so proud of myself yesterday. I LOVE fast food but i just kept thinking "it will always be there" and that's how i got through it. Today is some weight work then another dog walk this evening. I really enjoyed that last night and it helps with my frustration too. I love my babies (have two beautiful and bright kids) but there out of school right now and driving me looney so that little get-a-way is helping with that. Anyways...thats my update for today! :) Im feeling good! No pressure is my philosophy right now. Still haven't weighed and i feel fine about it. Plan on weighing/taking measurments on the 14th :)

Monday, July 05, 2010

Day #1 Calorie Challenge

So, i tried logging into and while its a great site, I'm on the computer WAY to long in the morning. I have two other fitness/diet related sites that i check into and i figure there enough to keep me inspired/motivated :) I will still pop into MFP So, what im planning on doing is to go back and write my calories down...cycle them between 1300-1700. And have a higher calorie day on Sunday. (2000-2300) I just read over a very encouraging daily journal that I kept last sept 09'-dec 09'. In this journal i was about 95% consistent with my eating. Got my workouts in and i lost weight. Here are some pics of that journal : In this book i went from 196 to 179...pretty darn good. Sept 6th to dec.4th. I think the root of my success was my consistency in my eating. Every day was around 1500-1600 calories. There were about 4 days out of the month that i would say the hell with it but the next day it was back on track. I CAN DO THIS!

August check-in

Morning, Are you having a good day? I hope you can say 'yes I am' cause I'm always having a good day when I'm not at work....