Friday, May 21, 2010

Holy Crap!

I was working out on the Elliptical yesterday and 22 minutes into it the damn pedal falls off !!!! My husband said he put it together good and tight. Then there was a VERY ANNOYING sounds coming from the back end of it afterwords, so it's going back to the store today or tomorrow. I've already got my eye on another one that cost 100 dollars more and its the same brand as my treadmill so i KNOW it won't fall apart. (golds gym) I really LOVED the burn i was getting from my legs. And today I woke up with DOMS in my calves and glutes...pretty cool. If i can stay on plan with my eating im sure i will lose weight on that body isn't use to it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I will Succeed!

I stepped on the scale this morning and I have reached a new high. 183.0. So all the eating is finally catching up with me. I haven't been consistent for quite some time now and this morning my eyes are OPEN WIDE! Im ready to get serious. I REFUSE to gain another lb! I am NOT going to feel sorry for myself or stress eat anymore. Im so sick of whinning to who ever will listen(including my internet friends) about my weight. Yeah, i have NO motivation to workout or eat right...but who doesn't go through that? Im not giving myself that excuse anymore. I have a new Elliptical machine, i can order some new workouts and get myself moving again. Get the scale moving in the right direction...I can close my eyes and imagine how that would feel, that feeling is what will keep me motivated!!!!! Were suppose to go on vacation next week and i WILL stay on plan. I WILL order healthy meals and watch what i eat while there. I WILL bring my mp3 player and get some cardio in. Honestly, im so sick of being chubby...its not fun. Im in a tight size 12 now and im SO SICK OF IT! I know i didn't get to this size over night so it will take time...and i WILL be patient! I WILL Succeed!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Elliptical Workout Today

It took my DH about an hour to put it together. This is the one i got! Its nothing fancy but it gave me a good sweat today. In the first few minutes my legs were burning. I pushed through 30minutes total. I admit I had to take a few 20 seconds breaks. It also took me a second to get a rhythm going and i had to wiggle my toes a few times because they kept going numb. But i enjoyed the challenge and i plan on doing it again tomorrow. After the Elliptical workout i jumped on the treadmill for a 10 minute interval run to reach 300 calories burned... I've really got to get on the ball with my weight training. I use to do upper and lower body splits once a week and one full body once a week(or a circuit). Lately i have been slacking BIG TIME. Just have no motivation to cardio is all i have been getting in. I will get into the groove again here soon. I always go through these episodes to were i don't want to workout or eat right and then my jeans start fitting snug which is motivation for me to get back on the ball, LOL!!!! I really want to get some new workouts...just not sure what to buy? I don't want a lot of high impact but i still want to get my heart rate up. If anyone has any recommendations i would appreciate it. Aerobics or weight training :) Nothing to challenging as far as choreography goes... This one is interesting. Its Bikini Coot Camp by Jeanette Jenkins. It has some good reviews ( according to Collage) its also voted one of the top ten sellers right now. The only thing is that it looks a little cheezy,lol

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting an Elliptical Tomorrow :)

Yep, you heard right! Im so excited...can't wait to start working out on it! I have a treadmill and OMG, can it get body needs a change. I like working out at home and over the years i have gathered up a lot of equipment. So far i have various dumbbell weights from 3 to 20lbs, i have a bar bell that has the weight plates, step with the risers, high step, weighted boxing gloves, three resistance bands, ankle weights, yoga strap, yoga matt, and a treadmill. OH, i also have a heart rate monitor. I guess you can say that i have my own little gym at home...its my SANITY. I have it kinda spread out in the living room right now. Its not the most attractive scene when walking into the living room but who gives a rats patootie! One day i hope to get my own workout room(that is when the kids move out but being that there 5 and 8 that won't be for a while,LOL) sigh, now i just have to figure out WHERE im going to put it... :/

Monday, May 17, 2010

Do I Have Cheetos In My Teeth?

So, yesterday i woke up with the thought of taking it easy on my diet. And BOY did I ! I didn't stuff my face all day long but i certainly had my fill of those evil cheetos that the kids love to eat. You know,its funny but as i was eating them i was wondering exactly WHAT a CHEETO was, lol! I also looked at the nutrition facts and almost gagged.... 160 calores for 13 cheetos. OMG! I put them up immediately(after grabbing another handful)!! I did eat some of my yummy cinnamon graham crackers though... so today is Monday, May 18th. I plan on Doing Cathe's Friedrich's Muscle Max workout...just the Upper Body section. Its tough by itself. I also plan on getting back on plan today with my eats...I also plan on having a DRINK tonight with my hubby so I have to save some calories for that ;-) No word on the job yet. Hoping to hear something about it today.

August check-in

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