Monday, December 27, 2010

Who's Hiring?

Well its has been exactly a week since my lay off and I'm ready to look for another job. I turned in an application at a local grocery store that's within walking difference and as soon as the kids go back to school next week, I can really start looking. I have three temp services in mind and i hear there all hiring. Sigh, im going to miss that weekly was nice to have extra money for a change and im sure my husband appreciated the relief.

Yesterday was day # one of my challenge, i did over all - pretty good. I say pretty good because around 10ish at night i did eat a little something i wasn't suppose too only because i was STARVING. That run came back to haunt me, BIG i will spread out my calories a little bit better. The good news is that I stepped on the scale this morning and was down 4lbs of water weight. I really need to stop with the obsessive weighing everyday. I'm going to try and not weigh again until Sunday morning.

We put the kids in the bed last night and then settled into watching a movie; Taken  with Liam Neeson. If you haven't seen it yet i highly recommend it. Packed with action, suspense and just an over all good thriller. Liam Neeson is  great in it. He really kicks butt,lol.

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