Sunday, December 26, 2010

Time To Pull Up My Prissy Pants!

So, I took a breath then let it out and stepped on the scale this morning. I wasn't surprised at the weight, after all i haven't been miss  "clean and tidy" lately with the eating. I was up, WAYYY up from last weeks weigh in. For the past week i have been eating what i wanted - when i wanted. (Oh and for the record it IS time of month for me, so i was expecting to be up - heehee)

For the past few days i have been psyching myself out about getting back on track with my calorie counting. I'm sick of being bloated with no energy. I'm sick of seeing my muffin top getting bigger and my jeans fitting snug. So........I trotted on over to and joined in on a Valentines Day challenge  (in the calorie counting section). Anyone can join if your interested...its starts today and runs through Valentines day. i was saying, i joined the challenge today. My plan is to eat 1500 calories a day, do my workouts and drink my water. In the past i have allowed a day of freedom on Sunday...but not anymore. Im too close to goal for that, so i will just increase my calories to about 1800-2000 on that day. My workouts can get pretty intense so i like to fuel my body (can burn on average 300 -700 calories a workout; according to my heart rate monitor) . And from my past experiences with calorie counting i have discovered that my maintenance is around 2000 - 2100; so that's where i get the 1500 from (500 deficit to lose on average a lb a week) In the end its all about calories in vs. calories out and listening to my body.

My goal for this challenge is to lose about 6-8lbs. That will put me close to 160...but first i have flush out this stinkin' water weight that is lurking, the scale is up about 8lbs right now from my lowest!  I hope all of that is water because its not uncommon for me to hold onto that much water; especially after the way i have been eating. (.keep your fingers crossed that its water,LMAO!)

anyways, off to get some cardio in on the treadmill.
Later Gators...

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