Saturday, December 04, 2010

Our Newest Member of the Family

Meet Sammy!
He's a 9 week old, chihuahua/ pug mix (chug,lol)  I have to get his shots today. He has only been here about a week and its seems as if he has been here all along; fits right in with the family. Potty training is going well too! Something you don't see in the picture is his little tail curls up and i think that is sooooo adorable!
My Chihuahua, Rocky, didn't' care for him at first and is still snapping at him but i think they will be buddies soon. My Lab, Cassie girl is a whole other challenge, shes big and could hurt him with one bite, so I will have to observe her behavior with him for a while until i can let him go in the back yard.

So, i was suppose to work today but I called in, its a seasonal job anyway so im not too concerned with it. The job has a point system for absences, you get three points then your out the door. Today was one point so im ok for now. Besides, im pretty sure i won't be there very much why kill myself? I have been working 11 & 1/2  hour shifts-5 days this week, im week i will have to work 6days :s

No workouts to report (obviously with my schedule) and my eating has been good, not GREAT, but good. The scale was at 170.2 tuesday morning and I was THRILLED to see that #.  I plan on tackling this last twenty lbs with a January Challenge!!!!! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I will....I'm with my family =) DH and I will get some christmas shopping done for the kids...should be fun!


  1. TOO cute!....I have chichuachua / pekes...I live in Ga too.near Snellville. I tagged you on my blog to answer some questions. Check it out. I started reading your blog after Loretta mentioned it.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! And your new family member is so tiny and cute! :D

  3. I am so in love with this puppy!! He is so adorable!


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