Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big Butt Feeling

Its December 22nd , about 9:20 at night. Im not feeling too good right now. I woke up with every intention of getting back on track with my eating...but failed. I even went on myfitnesspal and logged my breakfast,lunch and supper........ but I gave in to much today and now i feel bad about it. (and when i say i gave in too much then I REALLY went over bored)

This feeling; this sad, disappointing & overwhelming feeling of failure comes after I emotionally eat. And whats so sad about it is im not really sure why i ate so much today? I did get laid off yesterday, but I was thrilled because that meant that I am a stay at home mom again. Maybe I'm sad at the thought of not having a job or not being able to bring in the extra money? I honestly don't know? I did see a picture that my husband took of me yesterday and didn't really like it. My butt looked big,lol...i thought my butt was smaller than that :/ least i walked the dog for 45minutes today. I

I will try again tomorrow. Practice makes perfect ;-)


  1. That sucks you were laid off. I'm glad you're looking at the positives. :) It sounds like you have some mixed feelings about the lay-off, and uncertainty can certainly be a trigger.

    Stop feeling sad and disappointing, and get back on track. You went off track, so get back on track. You've got this. I'm glad you're here blogging about a stumble instead of letting it turn into something bigger. You've got this!

    I bet your butt doesn't look big.

    Hang in there, mama! :)

  2. Thanks Christina...that means a lot to me.


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