Saturday, November 06, 2010

An update and some inspiration

So, if you are reading my blog then you know that i started a new job on Tuesday. Its a full time job, the first in years for me. I love it to say the least and just happy to be out of the house and talking to grown ups, HA. (being a stay at home mom has its ups and downs).

(deleted most of my post, it just seemed so judgmental after coming back and reading it and thats something i don't want to be)

Something exciting did happened while I was pulling an order yesterday. It was for a Cathe Friedrich Yoga Matt and OMG did my heart skip a beat. I just LOVE this woman's workouts and just never expected to 'see' her while I was working,lol. 

Im re-committing to a very small challenge. Not eating over my calorie limit. Myfitnesspal give me 1430 (i think, close to it) calories before my workouts, when i add in the calories burned that limit goes up close to 1800 so i think thats a reasonable amount. My commitment is to just stick to the myfitnesspal daily calorie recommendations. Tomorrow is two weeks worth of logging my food on that website, thats pretty good ( notice i said logging my food but nothing about reaching the goal of the day, oy). I no longer write down what i eat...not since working. One habit that hasn't flown out the window is weighing my food, still doing that. Its just natural for me to do it now and im thankful for it.

I can do it guys...i have proved to myself over and over again that I CAN DO IT.  I just have to form those habits again. I've talked a little about my bad habits in my blog, my triggers and what i do to avoid those habits.

Blogs that inspired me this morning:
Emmie over on SkinnyEmmie posted this statement on working out in the morning and I loved it:

“it takes as little as 10 days and as many 4 weeks to establish a new habit. It has to do with the amount of repetition. It’s all about establishing neuronal connections, the more reinforcement the faster it develops.”

I would love to workout in the morning but to be honest, i have always worked out close to mid-morning (10am) but now since i have to be at work @ 7am, i will just get my workouts done in the evening. This week there wasn't a problem with it.

Emmie's blog lead me to Personal Growth Map . It was post on habits(great post) Personal Growth Map lead me to This blog/article on forming new habits. Its a great article and worth reading. Its about the 13 things to avoid when changing bad habits and forming good habits.

Now off to start my day. Ive got a very intense full body weight training DVD  to do then some errands to run.

One foot in front of the other soldier....


  1. Oh, I LOVED the article on changing habits! I saw 2 mistakes I was making. Thank you so much for sharing that. :-)


  2. YW Loretta!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  3. Yes, staying at home is a tough job. I've done it while running a business and going to college. My husband has done it. Sometimes you just have to get out and be among adults!!! There is something to that. Congrats on the new job. Keep us posted on how it goes!

  4. Sigh. All I can think of is that I would LOVE to be able to eat 1430 calories and lose weight. Even with a 3 mile walk a day, I burn less than 2000 calories. Without the walk--1500. :(

    You have done so well--lost so much! Obviously you know what you're doing and your body is cooperating. Congratulations on that and on the new job, too.


  5. Amelia, you can absolutely do it. No doubt, none. If you believe it, then it will be done. If that calorie limit is what gets it done for you, then that is where your focus needs to be. New challenges, like changes to daily routines with the start of a new job, they are just that; challenges. Some people use them as excuses. I will admit I have in the past. Those who succeed take challenges, apply the energy of their beliefs and succeed. Sounds a bit goofy, but it is as true as the Chicago Blackhawks are Stanley Cup champions!

  6. @anonymous-Thanks and I will keep you guys posted on the job front!

    @Deb-((hugs)) Hope you have a good day!

    @ Patrick-I too have use changes in daily routines as excuses in the past, its so easy too. But im just determined to stay focused this time...just can't give in. For some reason im feeling stuborn about it? And no...not goofy at all, love your positive energy!!!

    Thanks for the support guys, it means a lot! Hugs to everyone =)

  7. Love this blog, and will be catching up on the rest. I found it through Loretta's site.

    I'm doing something on my site,, where I'm posting "Your Story." I'm inviting readers to tell us how they've changed, how they want to change, anything they witness that changed them, etc. Ie: Your Story. Can be short, long, about past, or future.

    Many people think they're going at it alone, with nowhere to turn. Your Story is meant to help others, as well as share your triumphs.

    I'd love to have you share Your Story with us.

    Hope to hear from you, Amelia



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