Thursday, November 04, 2010

Just told my kids too...

...hide thier left over Halloween candy from Mommy! The candy monster (lol).

Seriously guys? What is the deal with me and that damn candy? Ugh...

Im doing good so far today (except a very small pc of cake @ work, im talking tiny piece & i estimated the calories for it).  I had some yummy tomato  bisque with a low cal grilled cheese for supper. It was SO GOOD! But then the inner child wanted chocolate. Soooo instead of eating that crap*** like I have been every evening this week***  i  took a hot bath for my aching legs and i feel so much better!

I also made myself go for a power walk for 30 minutes after work today. My legs hurt when i woke up this morning , but i think its just my body adjusting to the change. I'm constantly on my feet - all day long - so that's new for me. But i do like it very much!  Its extremely fast paced work, constantly moving (warehouse picker) !! Tomorrow will be the end of my first week their . Oh, and I have spoken to several 'official' employee's of the company  and MOST of them started off as a that gives me hope!  I would be THRILLED to get a permanent job their.

anyways, ....i can't wait to sleep late on Saturday & Sunday...aaaahhhhhhh
Have a great not expecting to lose this week but i will post my weigh in on Sunday morning =) 

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  1. Amelia - I have a feeling the scale might be forgiving for you this week. With your new job and being on your feet and moving all day it might work to your advantage. :)


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