Saturday, November 13, 2010

Its so hard being this cute!

This is Gracie, my 2-yr old niece. I kept her last night so her mommy could have a night to herself. I hardly ever get to see her, maybe once a month, but its enough for her to want to come back to her -Aunt Amy's- again so i must make quite an impression, lol. She is such a pleasure to trouble at all and plays really well with her cousins....her mommy has done a great job teaching her right from wrong ( a concept that some adults, unfortunately, have yet to grasp). Notice her T-shirt..."its so hard being this cute!' it!

Yay, Its Saturday! Im off the next three days. Its so nice to have 3days off from work...i have only been at my new job for two weeks and I'm already sick of it,teehee. I know, its awful to be sick of working when i haven't had a job in over two years but in my mind I do have a job, there 5 and 9 and a handful!
~ That fresh, I-have-a- job spunk/excitement as worn off !! HA!~
 How in the world do working mothers do it?  Luckily my husband helped out this week with the laundry and some cooking, otherwise it would have been A LOT harder.

My job is 4 days @ 10hours a day. That is what we are required to work if needed(and possible over time ).  This week I experienced  two of those 10hour days and there was no way in hell  i was getting in a workout afterwords. As a matter of fact, working out after being on my feet all-day-long never entered my mind. I'm a warehouse inventory selector ( order picker in short ) so I'm constantly running up and down aisles, filling orders ( & cursing @ that damn scan gun). And to top it all off, we are on a time restraint with every order.  we have to accomplish a 100% productivity (about 100 units/items an hour) within our first 3 weeks of being hired or were let go.  Right now I am at 92% and im running my hinnie off to accomplish that percentage!! Im totally over all the pressure of this job. I honestly don't think it will last too much longer anyways, as I've said before, i was hired through a temporary service - brought in for peek season - so naturally, after peek is over-with I am pretty sure I will be let go. I'm figuring about five more weeks of work left before the lay-offs start happening - a welcoming action at this point ,lol!!!

I have kept up with my eating for the most part, but still don't expect a loss this week. My weight is still hovering around happy with that for now. Tomorrows weigh in will probably be around those #'s. I'm still logging everything i eat over on myfitnesspal too, so im doing pretty good. Some days im on plan, others im over so i figure I'm breaking even,lol. I still want to lose weight but i have to go easy on myself right now...still adjusting to the job. I'm sure January will be a great come-back-with-a-vengeance month for me! Thats not to long away....

Remember a few months ago when I posted about starting St. Johns Wart for my anxiety? Well...its working pretty good and im going to continue to take it. I have noticed a difference in my thinking...stuff isn't bothering me like it use too. I'm letting the little things in life be just that - little things.

Anyways...i plan on getting in a ass-kicking workout today.  Of course something by Cathe...not sure what yet. I want some cardio, but i also want to do some weights too...maybe i will do both?  4-Day Split comes to mind, yeah...that sounds fun! :D  I will edit this post later to update with the exciting results (yes, im being sarcastic,lol)

Workout sucked!! I was 25 minutes into my cardio and my right calve muslce starts hurting, ugh! Im so bummed right now :(

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