Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I want grits & eggs

Yep, grits and fried (in pam) eggs are one of my comfort foods. Aww man, so delish. I mix them both toghether in a bowl and have a side of toast. Before i started working i would eat this almost every morning. Now i just don't have time for it, im doing good to get my coffee in-in the morning and a grab-n-go breakfast. 

Besides, i only have 45 calories remaining. So no grits and eggs tonight :-P
(stomps off to chew some gum )


  1. lol, you are too funny w/ your stomping off to chew some gum, lol. I haven't had it in ages, but I used to mix scrambled eggs (cooked in butter) w/ a big ol' bowl of grits (more butter). I'd forgotten how absolutely delicious that combo is....now I'd have to axe the butter, lol.

  2. Grits done right are great. Done wrong are just wrong. Whe you do have time for them, do them right :-)

    Hoping you have a great weekend!


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