Monday, November 15, 2010

End of the Year Goals!

I got the inspiration to write these set of goals from Patrick over on responsibility 199   i love reading his blog, so full of knowledge and inspiration.

Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to accomplish and devising a plan to achieve the result you desire.

The Plan
My #1 Goal is to stay on plan with my eating.
           I have been inconsistent and there is no excuse for that. Even with me going to back to work; i have no reason to let the stress of life get in the way of my goals. 1400-1600 is a very reasonable calorie limit and is easily maintainable with healthy food.

My #2 Goal is to try to get in at least 5 workouts a week
           I have to realize that im working for the time being and i can't expect a killer workout everyday. But on my days off yeah, i can. The plan is to workout on my 3days off, then get in a power walk on the 4th day and some stretching on the 5th day. Im hoping the stretching will help eliminate injuries.

My #3 Goal is to be in the 160's by the end of the year! 
          A weight i haven't seen on the scale since i was in my teens. I plan on taking a pic of it when i do i see it for everyone to see!  Just thinking about it is making me so excited!!!!

ok, off to make a grocery list and planned meals for the week. Im going to bring veggies/salads to work this week along with my fruit. I have been eating sandwiches so no problems there.I may grab some of those v8 singles to increase my veggie servings...

I'm also going to print out this page and put it on the fridge so i can constantly be reminded of whats important to ME!

ok...i will pop back in next weekend...have a great week everyone =)

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  1. Its Tuesday night, so far so good guys :) im on plan and can't wait to step on the scale Sunday Morning :D


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