Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't feel like smiling today

It's November 14th, my birthday. And i woke up in the crappiest mood. Just all emotional. I hate when I'm like this.

It started when i worked out yesterday. About 25minutes into the workout i pull my right calve muscle and couldn't finish which really pissed me off.  I know i don't need to push it today so i will do some yoga, maybe some upper body...but my gosh, when do i workout? My stupid job takes up all my time. Then there's the house chores and the kids and the cooking. Im sorry to complain but thats what this blog is therapeutic session. My release...and i have some major releasing to do. I was just at the store and almost bought some krispy kreme donuts! WTH? You guys know the ones that are filled with that white cream and have the chocolate on top...frickin evil!  I immediately backed up out of that mind set. Yes, that's dramatic but that's how i have to treat food. Food is an addiction to me. Its like crack and i can't allow for any unplanned treats or all hell breaks loose. That's what i USE to do when i was bummed, not any more. Now i workout and watch what i eat so i can smile at myself in the mirror! Butt i don't feel like smiling today :(

I don't know about any of you guys but i don't like birthdays...its a reminder that I'm getting older and who in the hell wants to be reminded that their getting older? I try to look at it as I'm getting better not older.

Another thing that is bothering me is our car. Saturday morning my husband was driving home from work and the radiator fan starting making a very loud noise. Sigh, its always something with our cars. I guess its to be expected since there both over 8yrs old. I wish we could afford to get a new one but who in the heck wants those outrageous payments?  We just can't afford them right now.  The first thing i thought of was how are we going to fix this, when and who? Maybe DH can fix it. He's going to look at it today.

anyways...just posting.


  1. Oh no I hope you have a better day!! I hate birthdays too. I remember when I turned 26 I didn't get out of bed because I was so depressed. I always liked the saying "I'm like a fine wine; I get better with age." I also say it's not how old you ARE it's how old you FEEL. This has all been helping me cope with the big 3-0 coming my way.

  2. Happy Birthday Amelia! Don't get so down on yourself. Age is just a number. Think of it as you getting wiser with age - which I know you are. You grow every day and you should celebrate that!

  3. Happy Birthday girl!! They are to be CELEBRATED...the one special day a year when it's all about YOU!! Sorry you're having a bad day...I sure hope it got better. You deserve happiness. Big hugs. :)

  4. Happy Belated! And do you feel like smiling today? The world is brighter for us all when you do :)

  5. Awww, shucks guys...thanks for the birthday wishes. And yeah.. im smiling today. Feel much better =)
    I must of had a dose of the birthday blues yesterday.


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