Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Im not sure how i hurt my right leg yesterday but OMG was it hurting for most of the day. I did do that Cathe Friedrich 4ds bootcamp workout after doing weights and a walk. Maybe i pushed myself to hard? It was a strange injury...almost like my inner thigh-rotater muscle was pulled -if such a muscle exsist :s . This is the first injury that i've had since spring.  I have  been slacking on the yoga lately so i really need to start doing at least one session a week.  Anyways thank goodness my leg isn't hurting today so i plan on power walking 2miles again then doing Chest/Shoulders/Triceps from 4ds.

Well, I applied at a local temporary service in hope of getting a part-time job. Im going nuts sitting around here everyday. I mean seriously, talking to yourself while doing laundry can't be a good sign. I sent out my resume's over 2months ago and no response so a temp service is my last resort. Keep your fingers crossed that i get some bites...

anyways...later gators


  1. I am a big fan of temp agencies. I know that sounds crazy but I’ve gotten both of my real (well, my more-than-$15/hour college student type) jobs from being on temporarily and just being efficient or good enough that they kept me on permanently. It’s been really great – hopefully it will lead to something good for you!

  2. Thanks KyokoCake. My DH found his job through the same temp service that i applied at so im keeping my fingers crossed.


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