Sunday, October 31, 2010

When I'm Ready I will!

  Can you see the chihuahua in the picture? I thought this was a cute picture, he's always ready to go to bed. He's so lazy.
And yes, this is how i make my bed up in the morning...half @ssed :-P, if i was having company i would have maybe put more effort into it, lol!

 Today's weight is a reminder of my week. I have been dancing around the same #'s for over a month now. This week was another struggle with eating. But it wasn't as bad as the weeks past, I had some positive things going on like For two whole days i was on plan and for the whole week i logged my calories, thats a start!! Im starting to go in the right direction here.

I started something new this week. Started using myfitnesspal to log my calories and i found it interesting to see all the macro's of the food i eat. I noticed my total fat for the day was high, and of course sodium. Fiber was high too but thats the good stuff, and my carbs were ok.

I was on another blog reading and a comment really got my attention. The blogger was struggling with eating and the comment said " When your your ready to commit, you will. "

I like that. I told myself that this morning.....


  1. What a sweet little dog! He is camouflaged in the bed lol It is so true, it is a decision that needs to be put into action. This is just as much a mental challenge as it is to put that choice into the physical action!

  2. SO TRUE Shanilie, and btw-LOVE your name, so pretty!


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