Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trying to Stay Positive!

 I went to bed kinda late last night....i spent some alone time with dh watching  tv, i usually go to bed around 10:30 but i stayed up close to midnight. That isn't good considering i have to get the kids up at 6:30 for school!  But its so hard to go to bed when DH is home! He works the night shift and when he's off work i want to stay up with him! I hate his hours, but he has an awesome job so i have to deal with it. In these times i thank the lord every night for his job! I also include in those prayers that he gets a day shift position :-P

The past two mornings i have been going back to sleep with DH after getting the kids on the bus. Since working his night job our time together at night has been altered.  I don't ever get to just lay beside him anymore in the bed and snuggle. So the last two mornings i have been. The only thing is that I wake up mid-morning in such a bad mood with nothing done around the house. No workouts done....clothes to do, yada,yada, yada!

Im a morning person...i walk my dog in the morning, get my workouts done in the morning, do house chores then too!  Its hard to find a balance with his night shift job and my morning person personality! 

And i hate the fact that i gave in yesterday an ordered a pizza! I even told dh to go down and get some dessert!  In the back of my head i knew that i had a higher calorie day this week so i used it yesterday.... I just made up a new plan over the weekend, calorie cycling. But pizza and cake isn't exactly a healthy meal...sigh, its hard to eat healthy and have kids + a DH that still cringes at the site of my steamed veggies.

And NO, i didn't have to eat any pizza or cake but i feel so deprived when i have to smell it and then see everyone else enjoying it.... im just a big whiny pants this morning :( But i don't care! Thats what i made this blog for...to come on here an bitch about bad decisions :o

I do plan on getting in a very good workout today so maybe that will help lift my spirits a little. I plan on doing BM2 in its entirety! :O  and for those that don't know what BM2 is, its a high intensity Cathe Friedrich DVD that is 90mins long. It includes step aerobics, power circuits then a total upper body strength training program. Its the ultimate workout! I will come back and edit this post when i get done with it!


YAY, FINISHED MY WORKOUT!  1:30 minutes total and burned 963 calories! YAY ME!! I didn't do that abb workout on there  because i was DEAD but i can do that tomorrow! whew, glad its over! Now its time to do laundry :s


  1. I know exactly how you feel. My DH works third shift and our schedules are always out of sync. I try to make the best of it, but it does get hard some times. Hang in there, your Dh will get a day shift soon!

    BM2? I did that one this morning too! Unfortunately I didn't get up early enough to do the whole thing before having to go to work. Grr... Have fun!

  2. Thanks Karen, maybe both our husbands will have day shift soon. Awesome job on your workout!!!

  3. Awesome job on BM2!!! That is a toughie!

  4. You post what you want to here... whine, wine or whatever. Nice holding true to you by ordering the pizza and cake and then not eating any. Enjoying whatever time you get with DH should be a priority and if the days routines get altered a bit to do so, so be it. But, everyone has a different take on routines and change, so I can't suggest it happen and be OK. Have fun is my best advice, just enjoy and have fun no matter what.


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