Monday, October 18, 2010

See No Evil....

Taste No EVIL.... 

Well, the bottom picture is what i will be seeing tomorrow ~ If i don't see it then i don't remember its there....i use to do that little trick all the time and believe it or not, it works!  I would love to throw the damn thing away but my kids and hubby like it,LOL!

btw-its a chocolate creme torte cake that has 320 calories in 1/12 of a slice. The cool thing is that i had a small slice, plus 3slices of pizza and still stayed close to my daily goal. I thought i had blew it but not totally(although my total fat grams for the day were high) I will have to make up the calories i went over today as the week goes on.

Its all good, meanwhile i'm guzzling water like their ain't no tomorrow ;-)

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