Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins and Pictures..

The Pumpkins we made last night!

"There's no secret to getting started. You simply decide and then take your first step. With each subsequent step, the next one becomes easier..." ~ Tom Venuto

SO TRUE...lately i have been having trouble with that first step!

so, for a couple of months now I obviously haven't been taking my diet seriously, because if i did i would be close to my goal by now! Its pretty frustrating(and not to mention, depressing) when i think about it like that. Im so close to goal is dangling in front of me...teasingly swaying back and forth.

I was looking at a picture of me yesterday that my DH took. We took the kids to a pumpkin patch place that had other activities (we had a blast!)
Now, I could easily pic apart this photo.... but im not going to, I was smiling, That's the most important part. However, this photo reminds me that i still have some weight to lose(it also pointed about that my goal of 150lbs may have to be moved close to 140,lol, but i will deal with that later)

I have to wonder, why continue living and being unhappy with the way I look?  I know what to do...just gotta do it. I need to quit talking the talk when i should be walking the walk. 


  1. Amanda - don't beat yourself up so much. You look awesome! Just look at how far you've come - I'm proud of you. You will reach your goals - be patient with yourself - no one is perfect. (except for maybe Cathe...hehe)

  2. You ARE beautiful and have a gorgeous smile. Just wanted to tell you that. :)

  3. Thank you guys for the support! You guys made me feel so special today! Hugs to both of you =)

  4. Great pic! You are so pretty, lady! Don't be too hard on yourself. You've lost a ton of weight already, and your body and mind may need time to adjust. You know what you need to do, and you'll do it when you're really ready to lose the rest of the weight. :)

  5. That was so sweet Christine, thank you so much and i will try not to be so hard on myself!!

  6. are just adorable!!! You can't possibly have that much more to lose girl!! Love that smile, and hope you had a great weekend. :)

  7. Hi! I am new here and love looking through weightloss blogs of others going through the same process. You look great and doing so well. Keep at it! I am now following. Please feel free to visit my blog some time. I always appreciate a new follower

  8. I think you look great!!! The one thing I did notice right away, between your blog pics and FB pics, is that you are always smiling and I really love that!!! It's so awesome because you always have a real, genuine SMILE on your face. That is so inspiring for me. You've done such a great job with all of your efforts, so don't let a little slip up get you down!!!


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