Monday, October 04, 2010

painting counts as exercise right?

For the past 3 days I've been a total slacker in the workout department but have been on track with my eating. So far only dogwalks for activity, nothing intense and no weight lifting. I plan on starting a good rotation tomorrow with the 4 day split series, at least for this week. May do it the next three weeks too.

Anyways, today DH and I got up and started painting the kitchen, before it was a hideous rose print wall paper...i've always loved cheery,light colors so we chose this banana cream pie color. We still have the opposite side of the kitchen to do but will finish it next week. Eventually we plan on replacing the cabinets and the counter tops but this is a good start. We just moved into this place back in February of this year and so far we love it. Everything needs some updating though, but at least were buying instead of renting. This is our first painting project...and i forgot how much i dislike painting,lol!

off to do some laundry, everyone have a great day =)

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