Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Over Analyzer...

Well, yesterday was great! I was suppose to eat 1700 but finished off the day at 1490. I wasn't hungry, just ate pretty clean and had a great workout. I'm pleased with myself....although i have to admit, i am a little worried...

After eating Mondays cake and pizza treat I instinctively thought "I have to get in a hard workout tomorrow to make up for this"

Is this wrong? This mindset of eating crap then making up for it with a good workout. Should I be concerned?

Yesterdays workout was 1:30mins long...after about 45mins i admit, I was ready to quit! My knees were aching and i had that burnt feeling. Ya know, that feeling when your body is saying "ok, thats enough already!" The only thing that pushed me through the workout was that bad meal! I kept thinking "I have to finish this workout, i ate to much junk yesterday, i have to finish!"  That was my goal. To finish.

Hmmm, do I have a problem? (gesh, another i ain't crazy enough, ;-)

But when i seriously sit down and think about it i say "no",  yesterdays workout doesn't happen that often.  I had a goal when i started the workout.... to simply finish. Maybe im over analyzing this? Heck, who am i kidding...i AM over analyzing! Besides,  I love working out! Its a passion of mine! I don't do it just to lose weight and build muscle,those are the added benefits! I do it to relieve stress and anxiety. And the high after a workout is one of the greatest feelings in the world!  Ok, im over analyzing!

And speaking of workouts, i just finished a 40minute power walk followed by a stretch/pilates dvd. Ahhhhh, thats better, now on with my day :-]

later gators....

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