Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nice workout

i just finished a 1:32 min total workout burning 640 calories. This is not something I do everyday but i wanted to get in a good, solid workout. I started off with a 2mile walk with the dog and btw, October weather is definitely here in Georgia...its chilly out. So anyways, after my walk i came home and did a back/bicep heavy weight lifting workout followed by a boot-camp style workout. I ran out of steam after my weight workout but stuck to the plan and finished proudly. Now im enjoying my endorphins ;-)

As far as eating goes, still doing good. Im trying to stick to eating clean but did buy some light hot dogs yesterday and some baked cheeto's. I just love those things,lol. Anyways, the way I see it is if i completely eliminate all the food that i enjoy eating  like hot dogs & baked cheeto's.... i won't enjoy this journey as much and certianly won't stay on it as long. I will feel deprived all the time. So, i will enjoy some cheeto's and hotdogs for supper :-P

P.S- And i don't even want to know how Oscar Meyer can get a hot dog to be 40 calories, but they taste pretty good with mustard and relish !! tehe

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